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Instructions for List Owners

Getting started

If you just got a new mailing list you need to do several things, see below.

  • Log in to Listserv. Using the email address you gave us when creating your list and your Listserv password, you can log in to Listserv to configure your list and manage subscribers. If you do not already have a password, you can set one up from there.
  • Add yourself to the list. List owners should become subscribers to their lists. This way, you can join in on discussions or know for sure that your announcements are being delivered. Once you are logged into Listserv, click on the “List Management” menu and choose “Subscriber Management”. From this screen, choose your new list from the choices available and follow the instructions on-screen.
  • Add some subscribers. You can either manually add subscribers to your list or ask people to join. People can request a list subscription by following these directions. New subscribers joining your list will receive a welcome messsage with instructions on using the list. If you composed a custom welcome message when you requested the list, new subscribers will receive that as well.
  • Send a message. You or one of your subscribers can post to your new list, to get the discussion rolling.

Managing your list

From Listserv's web interface, you can add and delete subscribers and change how your list behaves.

Sending commands using email

While managing lists on the web is generally easier, you can manage your list via email if you prefer, by sending messages to with your command(s) in the message body.

Let's assume for our examples that your list name is FOLKMUSIC, your personal password is STRUMMER, and you want to work with Mary Jones, whose email address is

To do this: Send this command:
Subscribe Mary Jones to the FOLKMUSIC list add folkmusic Mary Jones pw=strummer
(The person's name can look however you want but must be at least two words.)
Remove Mary Jones from the FOLKMUSIC list delete folkmusic pw=strummer
List the subscribers of the FOLKMUSIC list review folkmusic
Subscribe multiple people at once add folkmusic dd=batch pw=strummer
//batch dd * Ted Jones Cindy Smith Leslie Lee
Mix subscriptions and removals You can either just type full commands on subsequent lines or like this:
// job pw=strummer
add folkmusic Ted Jones
add folkmusic Cindy Smith
delete folkmusic
// eoj
Ask for a reference sheet of commands info refcard

Listserv has good documentation covering most use cases. In particular, you might be interested in the List Owner's Manual.

Handling email delivery errors

If you receive a "Daily Error Monitoring Report", it means LISTSERV was unable to deliver a message to a subscriber. In many cases, this is simply due to a temporary problem, such as a person's mail server being unavailable or his/her mailbox being full. Depending on how your list is configured, if LISTSERV encounters a permanent delivery failure such as an email address no longer being valid, it may automatically unsubscribe the user so you do not have to do this yourself.

Talking with other list owners

The makers of Listserv sponsor a mailing list for discussion of list ownership issues with other list owners. You can join the list, or just view past postings.

Deleting a list

If the list you manage is no longer being used and you wish to delete it, send an message to giving the name of the list you want to delete. The LISTSERV maintainers will remove the list for you.

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