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Mailing Lists

Mailing lists can be thought of as a collection of email addresses of people who want to discuss a topic of common interest. The LISTSERV software accepts these messages and distributes them to everyone on the list, as well as storing them in an archive for future reference.

Lists can either be for discussion or announcement. Discussion lists allow everyone to communicate with other people on the list. Announcement lists are for one-way communication from the list owner. They are like electronic newsletters.

A list owner defines the characteristics of the list, controls who can join, and in other ways oversees the list.

Joining a list

In order to be part of the discussion, you need to join a list. You can subscribe/unsubscribe to lists by going to the public list archives, finding the list, and clicking on "Join or leave" and following the directions there.

Subscription commands using email

You can also manage your subscriptions by sending commands to, placing your command in the body of the message. Make sure your From: address is the one you want to use with the list.

To do this: Send this command:
Subscribe to the FOLKMUSIC list subscribe folkmusic Myfirstname Mylastname
Unsubscribe from the FOLKMUSIC list unsubscribe folkmusic

In some cases you will receive a confirmation messsage from LISTSERV asking you to verify your identity. Just follow the instructions in the message.

Automatic subscriptions

Students, faculty, and staff are automatically subscribed to several broadcast mailing lists used for important UVM announcements on an infrequent basis. Some of these lists are required as they are used for official communications; exceptions have instructions for your removal at the bottom of each message.

Sending messages to a list

To post a message to a list, send email to the address:, where LISTNAME is the name of the list. Your message will be sent to all subscribers of the list.

For most public lists, subscribers can also post from the web. Select the list and then click on "Post to the list". You will need to log in with your subscriber email address and a personal password. You can define a password there if you don't already have one.

Archived list messages

Previous postings to most mailing lists are available online.

Subscription delivery options

A number of message delivery options are available for your list subscriptions. These can be changed from LISTSERV's Subscriber's Corner.

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