Editing and Publishing
Documentation Notes
Login, Find "My Workbench", find your pages Go straight to login!
Plan for your Drupal site homepage Video tutorial
Read the content checklist
Build your homepage Video tutorial
Overview of building different content types  
Build a basic interior page Video tutorial
See a website and navigate to edit  
How do I edit the page once I found it?  
Learn some shortcuts on the editor's toolbar Video tutorial
Publish a page  
Lock a page while working  
Import content from Microsoft Word docs  
Delete a page  
Create a banner image  
Linking and File Management
Documentation Notes
Link to/within a page, anchors Includes linking within your site, anchors and external links
Working with PDFs, Images, Files Uploading and replacing
Link to a standalone HTML newsletter Learn about e-mail communications in the Creative Style Guide
Add social media links/icons Read the univeritiy social media guidelines (PDF)
Find and fix your broken links  
Documentation Notes
Plan your navigation  
How do I build and edit my menu?  
How do I add a secondary menu to my site?  
Pulling Dynamic Content
Documentation Notes
How do I use the UVM news tool to publish news?  
How do I pull news into my site?  
Build a news display page Instructions and video tutorial
Add courses Instructions and video tutorial
Pull Catalogue program info  
Pull a list of events from an Exchange calendar  
Administrative Tasks
Documentation Notes
How do I add users to my group?  
Groups in Drupal Group settings include things like group (and website) title, URL management, college assocation and color themes, etc.
Handling friendly URLs and redirects in Drupal  
Redirecting users from your magicscript site to Drupal  
Visual Enhancements
Documentation Notes
Apply special styles with drop-down styles editor  
Special Templates
Documentation Notes
Make an academic majors page  
Make a faculty-staff-student profile  
Make a list of faculty-staff-student profiles  
Build a research overview page  
Other Popular Topics
Documentation Notes
Make a UVM-styled table These instructions produce a UVM-styled table
Build an online form  
Embed a widget Examples include: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Map, Google Cal, UVM Streaming Media
Add an alpha/A-Z list  
Making accordions Video tutorial
Web accessibility  
UVM Drupal and Google Analytics  
Evaluating and measuring your communication efforts Covers link tagging for email, print, social, etc.
Tips for editing the Undergraduate Admissions site Cheat sheet for admissions group members only