The biggest obstacle to fixing broken links is usually finding broken links. Here's how you can find your site's (or sites') broken links:

Step 1: Find your user info, upper right corner

In most cases this is your personal netID.

step 1: find your user info in the upper right corner of login screen

Step 2: Select "Broken Link Finder"

Step 2: Select "broken link finder"

Step 3: Filter by url path

For example: cas/physics

Step 3: filter by website path

Step 4: View both the affected node(s) and broken link(s). "TEST" to see if a particular link is still broken.

Broken links are links that have failed in the past. It doesn't necessarily mean they're still broken. The "TEST" button comes in handy for this reason.

step 4: View both the affected node and the broken link. Test the link.

Step 5: Find the link and fix it.

You can hover over the link to verify that it's the same node.

Step 5: go into the page, find the link, fix it