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UVM has a large community of staff and faculty responsible for the updating of UVM's web content. Floating questions to these people via a listserv often returns great answers, not to mention the UVM Web Team will often correspond with the webmasters through this listserv.

To join the uvmwebinfo listserv, send e-mail to: and type the subscribe command as the first line of your message along with the list name and your first and last name (examples:  sub uvmwebinfo Henry Somebody, Joan A. R. Person). Once you are on, you may send a message to everyone on the list by sending e-mail to:

To leave the uvmwebinfo list, send e-mail to: and type the signoff command (unsub will also work) as the first line of your message with the list name. For example: signoff uvmwebinfo


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Title  /  Areas of Expertise


Title  /  Areas of Expertise

Digital Communications Director

  • Digital communications best practices and policies
  • Web development practices
  • Digital content curation and publication
  • Digital content usability and accessibility 
  • Web analytics
  • Management of messaging and brand infrastructure
  • Cross-team collaboration

Title  /  Areas of Expertise

Senior Website and UX Designer

• User-centered design

• Responsive and mobile first design

• Strategic website design

• Website design and UX support

My work fuses website design, strategy and user experience. I translate website project requirements into wireframe prototypes to determine the most engaging interface for different types of content. I create responsive website design that informs and engages site visitors whether on mobile, tablet or desktop.

I support UVM content managers by providing design direction that follows UVM brand guidelines, best practices, and usability standards.

Title  /  Areas of Expertise

Back end web developer

  • Drupal development
  • PHP development
  • React development
  • HTML & CSS development
  • JS development


Nina Shedd

Title  /  Areas of Expertise

Senior Web Producer

  • Content Stategy
  • Content Layout
  • Website Navigation
  • Website Accessibilty
  • Website Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)