"A good Web site is an extension of the institution itself: thriving, growing, and changing along with the institution, while maintaining an unmistakable sense of its mission and values."

A site associated with UVM has certain restrictions placed upon its design and content. The university strives for a consistent user experience throughout the many sites that make up its Web presence. That said, there is still a great deal of room for keeping that consistent UVM feel while still evoking some of the department/organization's own personality.

Technological infrastructure

UVM is currently (2015) moving from a homegrown web templating system to the Drupal web content management system. UVM Drupal is being customized with the help of these guidelines to support the migration of academic websites to the Drupal system. These guidelines should also be applied to academic websites built outside of the UVM Drupal infrastructure.

Template design

UVM's web content management system provides a template –- a basic framework and design –- for department websites that can be customized to reflect a department's "personality" and unique offerings. Unique color schemes help provide a distinct visual identity from other departments.

The #1 brand of each and every website is that of the University of Vermont.

Mapping Our Efforts

Explore our clean energy, LEED buildings, solar panel locations, bike share options and more on our campus sustainability map.