Social media links are defined by your Group and then appear on pages as determined by the page template. If you want to add an Instagram icon, for example, to your social links, you need to add the link to your instagram account in your group settings.

Define the links to the social channels you want to display

​Go To "My Workbench". Under the "My Websites" list is a "My Groups" list where you can edit some of your group's features. Select the site/group there.


social media interface -image

Once on your group's page, select the "Edit" tab.

At the bottom of this group page, you should see a field called "Social Media Accounts". Here you will add a title (must be lower case) and the corresponding url.



Icons dynamically display in templates

Here are some examples of how the icons display in different templates. Both of these instances show the icons at the bottom of the page in a pre-footer area.


social media icons in the pre-footer area of a page template



Example of social media icons in the pre-footer in a page template