On the “My Workbench” page there is a section that displays both “My Websites” and “My Groups”. You’ll navigate to your website and ultimately to the page you want to edit by clicking on the link for your homepage under “My Websites”.




Find the page you want to edit

Click on your website and use the menu to get to the page you’d like to edit--as if you were a regular visitor to the site moving through it. This is the easiest way.

main menu


Can I also see a complete list of all of my pages/files?

Yes! You can see a list where all of the names are actually reflective of the names of the pages (no more xxxx.html) by going to “My Workbench” → “All My Content”  Note: If you don't see all of your pages listed, go to "View All". This is especially helpful when you have built more than one website.