The Web Team in conjunction with ETS has the ability to launch websites in Drupal. We have quite a bit of work to be done on our end after you say you're ready to launch. Given that, you should expect it could take anywhere from a couple days to several weeks. Please plan accordingly. Note: If this is a re-launching of a website due to a unit name change, please fill out our form to "launch a Drupal website" and check the "relaunch" option.

Launch timeframes depend on a number of factors:

  • The quantity of pages in the group.
  • The quality of work sent in and adherence to our checklist.
  • The availability of the web editor to make edits returned to them.
  • The current digital team workload.
  • The availability of our ETS contact to launch at the time the review is complete.

Step 1 to launch:

Complete the launch checklist. This is required. All steps must be completed by the site's administrator in charge. This means that if your unit uses student employees, the staff director of those students should complete this checklist.

Step 2 to launch:

AFTER YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE CHECKLIST, please contact the Web Team to schedule the launch of your website by filling out our help form option to "Launch a Drupal website."

Step 3 to launch:

Wait for the Web Team to review your site and get back in touch with feedback -- some to be done by them, some by the unit. Once this back and forth is complete, the Web Team will schedule a launch date. On launch date, you need only be available at the designated date/time so that you can review the content right after launch.