Find "My Workbench"

Login to Drupal with your personal netID.

“My Workbench” link in top right of the page is the location from where you will manage your website and group. If you build more than one website in Drupal, you will see both (all) of your websites on this page at login.


workbench screenshot


Finding existing pages in Drupal

There are a couple places where you can find your pages -- Starting from your workbench, if you have left pages in draft mode, you can scroll down to the link "view all my content >>" at the bottom of the "my recent content" section.

From this page where you can "view all content," use the toggle to change the type from "Interior Pages" to “Profile Lists and Pages” and the Published toggle to "- Any -" and then click on the "Apply" button. All the profile pages for your groups should appear.

graphic showing "all content"