The events that show on this page are pulled directly from a UVM Exchange calendar account.

Directly under the “My Workbench” button, you’ll see the “Add content” button. Select "Exchange Calendar". Add a title, select your groups audience, add body text (optional), and paste your Exchange calendar feed into the appropriate box (see sidebar instructions for getting the link). Publish the page.

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UVM's Microsoft Exchange calendar allows you to "publish" events to an HTML and iCal link. You can use the iCal link to create an automated listing of events on your website.

Find Your Exchange Calendar Feed Link

To add an Exchange calendar listing to your website go to the Exchange settings for the desired calendar. Here you can share/unshare a calendar. If you would like to specify the date range in the past or future, make a request to the Tech Team indicating the account name hosting the calendar. 

You can also share via the Exchange web application:

  1. Go to options (select the gear icon).
  2. Select “Publish Calendar” under calendar options.
  3. If using multiple calendars, select the calendar you wish to share.
  4. Change the value of the drop-down to the desired value, one of “Not shared”, “Availability only”, “Limited details”, or “Full details”. (In this case you will likely want to choose the "Full details" option.)

After you've shared your calendar and made any desired changes to the date ranges for your feed you can add the iCal link to your Exchange Calandar page. Be sure to use the link that ends in ".ics".

Guide to publishing an Outlook Calendar