It's never a good idea to repeat the official course catalogue information. It's viewed as a legal document and something that should be referenced or linked to -- not copy/pasted into your site. This course tool allows you to pull the course information for a certain subject into your website. If you are in an area where you need multiple subjects referenced, you will make separate pages for each subject you'd like to pull.


Directly under the “My Workbench” button, you’ll see the “Add content” button. Select "Course Listings Page". You will give the page a name, select a group it belongs to, add any intro copy and then begin typing the two-four letter course abbreviation in the field called "Subject to Display". This field will autocomplete for you if you only know the first letter or two.

course listing -image

If you want your courses page to show up in your main menu, you will follow the intructions for adding menu settings.


Choose a layout

You have two layouts to choose between for this depending on the kind of information you seek to display:

course layouts -image

1. List displays course titles, descriptions, credit hours (view layout)

2. Table displays course titles, numbers, sections and schedule. Drop-down for juggling between terms. (view layout)

Video Tutorial