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    Rubenstein School Business Services in the Aiken Center

    Providing comprehensive business service to the Rubenstein School community

Rubenstein School Financial, Human Resources, and Research Administration

If you have questions or would like to submit paperwork for financial or payroll and human resources related transactions, please submit via the RSENR Transaction Portal.



Rose Feenan

Assistant Dean of Business Operations, Rose Feenan. Aiken 220H, (w) 802-656-3326 (c) 802-922-7207, rose.feenan@uvm.edu  

Oversight and leadership related to RSENR business functions.

Finance Administration

Kathleen Wells

Email: RSENR Business Service Center

Team Lead of Finance Administration, Kathleen Wells. Aiken 312J, (w) 802-656-1355, kathleen.wells@uvm.edu

Oversight and supervision of financial transactions. Financial analysis, income and expense accounts, gifts and endowments, space survey coordinator.

Sue Heiser

Transactions and Purcards, Sue Heiser. Aiken 312A, susan.heiser@uvm.edu

Oversight of Rubenstein School transactions and purcards.

Human Resource Administration

Sarah Warren


Human Resources, Sarah Warren. Aiken 313B, (w) 802-656-9089, sarah.e.warren@uvm.edu

Oversight of all hiring and payroll related transactions in PeopleSoft and PeopleAdmin systems.

Eli Van Buren

Human Resources Assistant, Eli Van Buren. Aiken 313C, elliot.van-buren@uvm.edu

Assists with hiring and payroll related transactions in PeopleSoft and PeopleAdmin systems.

Research Administration

Anthony Fouche

RSENR Research Administration Services

Post-Award Research Administrator,  Anthony Fouche. (w) 802-656-3727, mfouche@uvm.edu

Supports RSENR principal investigators with grant management issues related to financial activity and budgetary questions, primary liaison with Sponsored Project Administration, effort reporting.

Jennifer Le

Pre-award Research Administrator, Jennifer Le. jennifer.a.le@uvm.edu

Supports RSENR Principal Investigators with grant management processes related to proposal processing in the UVM CLICK system and the awarding processes.

Jessica Waite

Grant Proposal Developer, Jessica Waite. jessica.waite@uvm.edu

Provides support for RSENR Principal Investigators with proposal development and is primary liaison with RSENR Pre-Award Research Administrator to ensure timely submission of proposals.