Contacts for Purcards

Primary Contact:  Susan Heiser at, 656-2592

Secondary Contact: Kathleen Wells, 656-1355

Purcard Use

Paying with the Purcard is the required  method of payment, if a vendor accepts a Visa credit card. The purcard allows you to make purchases such as: travel arrangements, supplies, equipment without tying up your personal funds.

Using a purcard has responsibilities as outlined in the Cardholder agreement (PDF). As a card user it is your responsibility to adhere to UVM policies and Rubenstein School Business Service Center deadlines.

RSENR Purcard FAQs

Faculty: How to prepare monthly purcard submissions

We require that you submit your purcard and associated documentation by the 12th of each month via the purcard portal on the RSENR Business Service Center website.

Please provide the following information and documents:

  • US Bank account activity - optional
  • itemized receipts and conference/workshop/symposium agendas;
  • chart string to charge expenses to;
  • provide the names of all individuals who were in attendance for any business meals or refreshment gathering and the business purpose for the expense;
  • if travel expenses (meals, lodging, transportation), provide names of travelers, destinations, and business purpose for the expense.  If attending a conference/symposium/workshop/meeting, include agenda.

RSENR Staff, Post Docs & Grad Students: How to reallocate monthly expenses

We require that you submit your purcard and associated documentation by the 12th of each month via the purcard reallocation process in PeopleSoft.

PurCard Reallocation Training

If you have questions, please contact Kathleen Wells in the RBSC.  Email is:, Phone 656-1355, Office Aiken 312J.

You are responsible for all receipts and documentation for all of your transactions.  If you made purchases or had refunds, you must also reallocate your Purcard Journal in PeopleSoft each month. The journal needs to pass budget check and be complete with all signatures.

We have included the PeopleSoft reallocation manual for instructions on how to reallocate the expenses in PeopleSoft. The Purcard Specialist will be sending out a monthly email reminder of RSENR due dates.



Fraud, returns, credits and disputes


  • Carholder is required to call US Bank 1-800-344-5696.
  • Include any documentation of your communication with US Bank.


  • Please contact the vendor first to try to resolve.  
  • If attempts to resolve are unsuccessful, please contact US Bank 1-800-344-5696

Returns & Credits:

  • Please include any information about the credit with your purcard materials.





More Purcard FAQs

UVM Purcard Department FAQ's

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Rubenstein Business Service Center.


Vendors with Special Circumstances


UVM has partnered with Amazon Business.  This allows for free 2-day shipping on orders of $49 or more and will automatically apply sales tax exemptions. You must log on to Amazon using your full UVM email address.


Costco now accepts UVM Purcards as a form of payment but you must bring the UVM Membership Card with you.   To schedule use of the Costco card, email  The membership card can be picked up at the Disbursement Center located at 23 Mansfield Ave. Between the hours of 8:00 and 1:30.   If must be returned the same day.   Questions call 656-4192, ext 7

Fly America

Attestation certifications for Travel & Expense reports and the Purchasing Card journals have been updated for July 1. The revised certification includes compliance with the Fly America Act. The Fly America Act directs how international airfare is purchased with federal funds. At UVM, this means that international airfare purchased with federal GCA01 projects must comply with the Fly America Act. See an overview (PDF) of the federal regulations, a decision matrix, best practices and documentation recommendations.