Choosing a Type of Hire

There are several types of hires and your first step is to decide what type.

Temporary Hires: Temporary Hires are normally short term and often seasonal.  Temporary hires must be identified as Non-students at the time of hire. These employees are paid by the hour and must enter their time into PeopleSoft on a weekly basis. As supervisor, you monitor their work and approve time reported in PeopleSoft.  Time must be approved on a biweekly basis. It is important NOT to allow any temporary hire to begin work prior to having all official paperwork on file.

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Undergraduate Student Employment: All hiring of undergraduate students is processed via the Student Employment Jobs Board.  Jobs are created and submitted by the student supervisor.   Jobs can either be created to hire students with Work Study financial aid or jobs that charge a specific budget. Supervisors are required to ensure that a valid I-9 is on file for any student employee prior to allowing the student(s) to work. How to conduct the I-9 Verification Process (PDF).

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Funded Graduate Students: Many Rubenstein School graduate students are provided a stipend through various sources of funds (grants, Graduate College, research incentive). Graduate Research Assistants are funded by grant resources; Graduate Teaching Assistants are funded through general fund resources or instructional grants.

For assistance with Funded Graduate Students, contact Elisabeth Lohre

Unpaid Hire: The Rubenstein School has several Affiliated Organizations whose employees may be set up as Affiliated Organization Employees. They are not paid by UVM but may be provided with access to some UVM systems (PeopleSoft, email, library, etc.). Affiliated Organization's must be approved by the University prior to placing any of their employees in the UVM system. Another example of an unpaid hire would be Visiting Scholars and no affiliation agreement is required. For Research Affiliate appointments (unpaid), please see Faculty.

For assistance with Unpaid Hires, contact Rose Feenan.

Paid Employees - Faculty: The following positions are considered faculty lines: Tenure/Tenure Track faculty, Research Faculty, and Lecturers. Tenure/Tenure Track faculty must be approved for hire through a process that includes a staffing plan and Provost approval. Research Faculty are funded primarily through external funding and such appointments must be voted on by the faculty of the School. Lecturers can carry full-time equivalency (meaning they are in the Full-Time Union) or can be hired and paid based on courses taught (they may or may not be in the Part-Time Union, depending on their teaching workload).

For assistance with Paid Faculty, contact Rose Feenan.

Paid Employees - Staff: All staff positions are required to have a position description and an established position in the School. Funding for these positions may come from general fund dollars or may be funded for shorter periods of time through grant dollars.

For assistance with Paid Staff, contact Rose Feenan.

Post Doctoral Associates: Post Doctoral hiring decisions begin with a faculty member who has identified funding for the appointment. UVM formal recruitment processes are not required, but approval by the Dean is required. 

If you have a grant to support a Post Doctoral Fellow, please contact Rose Feenan.