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Research Development offers a suite of services to assist scholars in their pursuit of extramural funding. Our team of trained researchers provides support during the grant development process to help proposals reach their full potential and conveys skills and experience to the UVM community to create highly competitive proposals.

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Stages of grant development

Click on each stage of the Grant Proposal Journey to discover what resources are available.

Stages 1-3

Research Development is here to offer guidance and support while you develop and write a grant proposal. If you are having trouble pulling research interests together into a cohesive idea, struggling to find funding opportunities that fit your needs, or could use some help with the nitty-gritty work of writing and editing, or any other challenges you might encounter when developing a grant proposal, please fill out our consultation form and a Research Development staff member will be in touch.  

Stages 4-6

From pre-award budget review all the way to the post-award grant close-out, Sponsored Project Administration (SPA) is your resource and guide. Their knowledgeable staff are here to assist UVM scholars in navigating the lifecycle of a sponsored project. SPA provides institutional approval for all proposal submissions, accepts awards on behalf of UVM, and facilitates award administration.

Stage 7

The next idea… where your journey continues, or begins anew! If you are unsure of the funding landscape and where you should go next, there are some options. You could: explore Faculty Insights to identify potential new collaborators, search the Pivot-RP funding database for exciting new opportunities, book a consult with the Research Impacts Hub for help getting your research out into the community, or fill out our consultation form and schedule a brainstorming session with Research Development.


Diversity and Inclusion Statement

It is important to the Research Development Office to provide high quality support services to all who interact with our office in their creative and scholarship activities regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, abilities, neurotype, religion, regional background, Veteran status, citizenship status, nationality, and other diverse identities that we each bring to our work. You will be treated with respect and dignity. Each of us is responsible for creating a safer, more inclusive environment. If you identify opportunities for how our office can improve, please let us know.

Founded in 2020, Research Development expanded quickly to meet the high demand for grant development professionals. We are a team of research enthusiasts and our mission is to support and celebrate UVM researchers and scholars.

In FY 2023 the RD team:

  • Supported the development of over 100 proposals

  • Provided 30 grant development consults and over 40 Pivot-RP tutorials

  • Developed 2 new grant development workshops

  • Worked on proposals for 12 different federal agencies

  • Shared over 900 funding opportunities


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