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The concept is simple: online banking for sponsored project funding. The PI Portal gives you immediate access to web-based sponsored project expenditure reports.

The PI Portal has been designed specifically for Investigators and research administrators who need fiscal information quickly and easily to help answer questions such as:

  • How much money do I have left to spend?
  • Can I hire another lab tech or graduate student this summer?
  • Will I have Carryforward?
  • Will I have funds available for a No Cost Extension?

PI Portal: Login

PI/Project Manager Login


  • Click: myUVM
  • Click: PS Financials
  • Select: UVM Employee
  • Click: PI Portal Tile

Staff Login

From UVM Homepage
  • Click: MyUVM
  • DUO sign in
  • Click: Financials
  • Select: UVM Employee
  • Click: PI Portal Tile


News and Updates


  • Data Refreshed Nightly
  • Project Expenditure Detail
  • Payroll Expenditures
  • Payroll Distributions
  • Non-Payroll Expenditure Detail
  • Cost Sharing Detail
  • Powerful Search Engine
  • Email Notification
  • Download Results to Excel

Updated 1/4/2023

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