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Proposal Forms

Proposal FormsPurposeUVMClickUpdated
IBB F&A Allocation - Calculator (xls)Use to determine distribution of F&A costs to Responsibility Centers.

Complete & Upload to UVMClick

USDA - F&A Rate Calculator (xls)Use to determine the correct  F&A rate and base to use with USDA NIFA proposals. Complete & Upload to UVMClick03/06/20
Unrecovered F&A  - Calculator (xls)Use to determine the amount of unrecovered F&A being cost shared.Complete & Upload to UVMClick07/27/23
Cost Share Request/Approval Form (pdf)Use to collect approval from non-submitting units (not in the proposal route) that are providing cost share.Complete & Upload to UVMClick1/28/20
Subrecipient Certification Form (pdf)Completed by subrecipients that are included in a UVM proposal or prior to a subaward being issued by UVM.Complete & Upload to UVMClick2/6/24
Subaward RR BudgetSubaward Research & Related Budget form - V3.0 Subaward Budget Form02/15/22
Data Management Plans and InformationFor assistance with data management plans and data sharing sections of a proposal contact UVM's Library Data Management. 2/08/18
UVM Template: NSF Safe and Inclusive Working Environments PlanUse with proposals being submitted to NSF directly or as a subrecipient that include research being conducted off-campus or off-site. The Plan is NOT submitted as part of the proposal, but must be in place for that proposal at time of submission, unless your proposal meets a UVM Exception to the requirement (See FAQ #1).Complete & Upload to UVMClick01/30/23
NIH Institutional Training Grants - UVM Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination Statement (doc)Use with NIH Training Grants: Include the content of this letter in the same letter of support that contains information about the applicant institutional commitment. 06/6/22


Pre-Award Forms

Pre-Award FormsPurposeUVMClickUpdated
Advance Account Request Form (pdf)Use to establish budget and allow spending prior to receipt of an award. If federal funds you may request 90-day pre-award costs.Complete & Upload to UVMClick1/31/24
90-day Pre-Award Cost Request Form (doc)Use to request 90-days pre-award costs, if not previously requested using the Advance Account Process. Federal Grants only.Complete & Upload to UVMClick09/15/18


Award Administration Forms

Award Administration FormsPurposeUVMClickUpdated
Award Data Collection Form (xls)At time of award, this form must be completed by the department responsible for managing the award and returned to SPA through UVMClick or emailed directly to the Award Acceptance Officer assigned to the award.Complete & Upload to UVMClick07/29/21
Internal No Cost Extension Request Form (xls)Complete and submit to SPA for review and approval of an NCE.Complete & Upload to UVMClick 3/14/24
External No Cost Extension Request Template Letter to Sponsor (doc)Sample letter, to use if requesting sponsor approval of an NCE.Complete & Upload to UVMClick 05/11/18
Re-Budget Request Form (xls)Use to re-budget funds between line items or between projects under an award.Complete & Upload to UVMClick08/31/21
Direct Cost Justification Form (pdf)Use to request the allowability of a normally indirect cost item (non-payroll) to be charged as a direct cost item on a federally funded award.Complete & Upload to UVMClick 06/18/21
Carryforward Request Template Letter to Sponsor (doc)Sample letter, to use if requesting sponsor approval to carryforward unobligated balances.Complete & Upload to UVMClick 05/11/18
Fixed Price Closeout Memo & Residual Balance Transfer Form (pdf)SPA will provide this form to the PI when closing a fixed price agreement. 09/06/18
Non-Payroll Cost Transfer Procedure (pdf)To request authorization for non-payroll cost transfer on a sponsored project. 06/14/21
Payroll Cost Transfers are processed by Cost AccountingPayroll cost transfers on sponsored projects are managed by Cost Accounting.  02/13/19
Fly America Waiver Checklist (pdf)Traveler may use to self-document a waiver to the Fly America Act. 07/20/18
Fly America Act/Open Skies Exception Decision Matrix (pdf)Traveler may use to help determine if an Open Skies Exception to Fly America Act exists. 07/20/18
Fly America Act/Open Skies Exception Decision Tree (pdf)Traveler may use to help determine if an Open Skies Exception to Fly America Act exists. 07/20/18
NSF Conference Grants - UVM's Code of Conduct BrochureUse with NSF conference, workshop, symposium grants. Each participant must be provided a digital or paper copy of the Code of Conduct. See NSF Conference or Travel Grants (FL 26). 01/30/23
NIH Conferences/Scientific Meetings (R13/U13): Instructions for Creating a “Safety Plan” for JIT submission.NIH Support for Conferences/Scientific Meetings (R13/U13) requires all applicants recommended for funding provide to NIH as part of Just-In-Time materials the "Safety Plan" that will be communicated to all conference/meeting attendees. See NOT-OD-22-074. 07/1/23
Internal Project Request Form (xls)To request a new internal project be created in PeopleSoft when there is no change in the funded amount from the sponsor. 04/16/20


Outgoing Subaward Forms

Outgoing Subaward FormsPurposeUVMClickUpdated

PI Subrecipient Monitoring Reminder Letter (pdf)

SPA will provide this reminder to the PI with every new subaward. 01/4/24
Subaward Invoice Payment Certification (pdf)SPA will provide this form to the PI with each subaward invoice. The form must be completed and returned prior to paying a subrecipient invoice. 01/31/20
Outgoing Subawards documentsSPA uses the FDP nationally recognized subaward documents. SPA also customizes Subawards to fit specific needs. Please visit outgoing Subawards for more details and contacts. 06/1/21


Sponsored Agreement Templates

Sponsored Agreement TemplatesPurposeUVMClickUpdated
No money Research Collaboration Agreement (doc)Use with no money being exchanged collaborations. 04/10/17
Sponsored Project Research Agreement (doc)UVM template that can be offered to a sponsor. 07/15/22
Fixed Price Research Services Agreement (doc)UVM template that can be offered to a sponsor. 07/15/22
Agreement Amendment (doc)Use to amend or modify an Agreement. 10/18/18
SBIR Industry Subcontract to UVM (doc)Use with a small business when contracting with UVM under the SBIR Program. 06/1/22
STTR Industry Subcontract to UVM (doc)Use with a small business when contracting with UVM under the STTR Program. 06/1/22
STTR Allocation of Rights Agreement - Contact UVM InnovationsUse with STTR subcontracts as Attachment 2. Work with UVM Innovations to complete and sign. A fully signed version must be delivered to SPA. 01/01/20
Research Facility and Equipment Use Agreement (PDF)Use where a Company will be provided access to certain UVM research facilities, laboratories, or equipment. See: Use of UVM Research Facilities and equipment Policy. 05/4/22
Don't see an Agreement Type that fits your project needs? Contact spa@uvm.edu. We have several types and styles of agreements available.  01/01/20


Other Forms

Other FormsPurposeUVMClickUpdated
Data Use Agreement - for De-identified (doc)Use for sharing De-Identified Data Sets third parties. 01/01/20
Data Use Agreement - for Limited Data Set (doc)Use for sharing Limited Data Sets with third parties. 04/14/20
Confidentiality Agreement (doc)Use to exchange confidential information to determine if there is interest in entering into a research project or clinical investigation. 06/27/18
Template Teaming Agreement (doc)Use where UVM will be partnering with industry who is developing a proposal in response to a government RFP. 06/20/18


Material Transfer Agreements

Material Transfer AgreementsPurposeUVMClickUpdated
MTAs are processed and approved by UVM InnovationsSee UVM Innovations MTA Resource Page. Contact: mta@uvm.edu 01/01/20


Updated 3/14/24