Aiken Center: Kathleen Wells, 802-656-2592
Rubenstein Ecosystem Sciences Lab: Ben Block, 802-859-3086
Bittersweet Building: 802-656-4055
​Spear Street Forestry Sciences Lab: Marie English, 802-922-7926

Copy Codes

The copiers within Aiken, Bittersweet, Spear Street Forestry Lab and Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Lab are set up to require a personally assigned copy code to be entered prior to copies being made or print jobs to be processed. These codes allow us to charge the appropriate budgets for paper, toner, lease, and maintenance of the copy machines. Please contact your building support personnel for assistance.

If you would like to connect your computer to be able to print to the copier machine(s), please contact Seth O'Brien.

How to Request a Copy Code

Step 1: You will need to know the chart string that the cost of the copy or print jobs will be billed against.

Step 2: Call or email the support person listed above with the following information:

  • chart string to bill for copy and printing
  • request for a copier/printer code (if you are not the budget manager or PI of the chartstring being provided, then please copy your supervisor on the request; copy codes will not be given out until the supervisor approves the request by responding to the email)

Step 3: The appropriate support person will create the code and update the copy machine information.

Step 4: You will be notified via email of the code and you can then use the copy machines. If your code is associated with a grant the code will be deleted according to the expiration date of the grant.

Please note that your copy code is for your business use. You should not share this code with another person but rather direct them to this process so they can obtain their own code.