Primary Contacts for Travel and Expense

UVM Disbursement Center - all staff
Helpdesk Aiken Room 314 - Aiken Center and Spear Street Lab Faculty
Theresa Debarge - Vermont Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
Kathleen Wells - Environmental Program
Bailey Rowland - CIAT Program Manager

Important Information for Travel and Other Out of Pocket Expenses 

All travel requests and other expense reimbursements are processed by the UVM Disbursement Center.

Prior to Travel

Review the Disbursement Center Travel & Expense website.

Travel Authorizations

For international travel, a travel authorization must be completed. The request for travel authorization should be sent two weeks in advance via an email to the Disbursement Center, The email should include dates of travel, location of travel, reason for travel, and a chart string. The Disbursement Center will prepare a Travel Authorization and return to you for signature by your supervisor.

Cash Advances

Cash advance requests should be emailed to the Disbursement Center, Cash advance requests will require amount, intended use of the cash, dates of travel, location, purpose for travel, and a chart string. The Disbursement Center will prepare a Cash Advance and return to you for signature by your supervisor. A travel authorization must be created prior to requesting a cash advance.


ALL requests for reimbursment must be submitted to the Disbursement Center within 60 days from the return date of travel or date goods were purchased. Note requests for reimbursement of prepaid travel expenses such as flights and conference registrations cannot be submitted until after the travel as occured.

Direct Deposit Instructions (Note: Different than Payroll Direct Deposit)

Faculty Only

Your support staff listed above will prepare your RSENR Reimbursement Form (XLSX) and obtain signatures. (The Associate Deans are the supervisors of record and will sign these forms.  Provide support staff with your itemized receipts that include proof of method of payment (last 4 digits of credit card number or CASH), chartstrings and any information, such as conference agendas and/or mileage log.

Staff, Graduate Students and Undergraduate Students who are employed at UVM.

Option One:

  1. Complete the RSENR Reimbursement Form (XLSX).
  2. Include conference agendas.
  3. Enter chart string, print the form, and sign.
  4. Obtain necessary supervisor signature.
  5. Students print the Student University Business Certification Form (PDF). This form is used to determine if the expense is a business expense or if it furthers the student's education.  If none of the conditions under Part II are met, then the expense is not consider a business expense and is an expense that benefits the students education.
    • Expenses that benefit a student's education must be processed through Student Financial Services by a RSENR Business Support Staff member.    Common examples are expenses relating to a thesis or dissertation.   Complete all 4 steps listed above and contact your RSENR Business Support Staff (listed above) with the paperwork.
    • If a condition under Part II is applicable, then Complete Part 1 and ask your faculty advisor to complete Part II and Part III of this form. 
  6. For business expenses, send all forms and all itemized receipts that include proof of method of payment (last 4 digits of credit card number or CASH) to the Disbursement Center (23 Mansfield Ave) OR scan and email to
  7. The Disbursement Center will process your reimbursement and will contact you directly with any questions or issues.

Option Two:

  1. Submit request through PeopleSoft Travel and Expense Module.

The reimbursement form asks that you total receipts into the following categories: Travel Expense and Mileage for each day an expense was incurred. This requires that you sum up all of your receipts and only one amount is shown for each category. Business meals and non travel expenses are listed individually on the lower section of the form.

Undergraduate Students Only (Not Employed by UVM)

  1. Reimbursement Form for Undergraduate Students (XLSX). Complete the form. Signature must be actual. Cannot use a script font as signature.  
  2. Student University Business Certification Form (PDF). Complete the top and ask your faculty mentor to complete and sign the bottom section.
  3. Remit both forms, mileage log if applicable and ALL itemized receipts to your business support staff listed above under primary contacts. Itemized receipts must include proof of the method of payment, ie: last four digits of credit card or "CASH".

Non UVM Personnel Only

  1. Submit request through the RSENR Financial Transaction Portal. Information needed: name, address, business purpose, amount, chartstring, itemized receipts, mileage logs.