Contacts for Forms

Primary Contact:  Helpdesk Aiken 304, 802-656-2592
Purcard Contact:
Human Resources Contact: Kathleen Wells 802-656-1355


Financial Forms

Foreign Payments:



Purchasing Forms:


  • Reimbursement Faculty, Staff and Grad Students (XLS)
  • Reimbursement RSENR form Non UVM Personnel (XLS)
  • Reimbursement RSENR form Undergraduate Students (XLS)
  • Student University Business Certification Form (PDF)

Surplus Disposal Form (PDF)

Vermont Sales Tax Exemption - Form which exempts UVM of Vermont state sales tax.

W-9 Form for New Vendor - This form must be on file with Purchasing for all New vendors paid by UVM.


Grant Forms

No-Cost Extension Request form and Advance Account Request form can be found on the SPA website


Human Resources Forms

Pay Agreement - RSENR Only.  This form is only used when seeking to hire a UVM employee to do additional work.

Direct Deposit (including a Notice of Federal Requirements)

Employee Information Form (PDF) Print and fill out.

Form I-9

Form I-9 Remote Hire Notice 

Form W-4

Form W-4 VT - Only needed if election is different than Federal W4.

Leave of Absence Request

Parental Leave Request - Faculty

Designate Form - RSENR only (DOCX)

Temporary Employee Offer Letter Template-NON- EXEMPT

Temporary Employee Payroll Forms

Temporary Employee - RSENR CAT Card Form


New Employee Forms

Position Description for Staff

Employee Information Form (PDF)

Form I-9

Form W-4 

Form W-4 VT