Driver Safety Program

Driving Requirements for UVM


To Get Permission to Drive a UVM Vehicle

Note: All applicants who wish to drive for UVM purposes must be 19 years of age and hold a current, valid U.S. or Canadian license.

*ATTENTION:  Please Read Ban on Hand-Held Electronic Devices Memo Before Proceeding**

    • Applicant goes to:
    • Completed form loads to RM&S internal database & applicant will receive an automated "thank-you" email with instruction to await results of our review of their record
    • MVR is checked & approved applicants get an automated email sending them to our internal on-line Driver Policy Training, which they are required to sign-into using UVM net ID (which is checked against our list of approved drivers).  Exceptions:
      •  Applicants that require counsel as a provision for moving forward get the auto messages for training and a counsel memo is sent to them and their supervisor as well
      • Applicants that are denied privileges are sent an automated email with a date in it for when they can re-apply...when that date comes, the system sends another auto e-mail stating that they can reapply
    • Applicant completes RM&S internal training, hits submit and is sent an automated email directing them to the National Safety Council on-line training...this email contains their access code aka "key" - keys are not transferrable
    • RM&S accesses the admin page of the NSC training system & can see who has used their key/completed their test...RM&S promotes applicants to certified in UVM system once they complete the test at the end of the training.  Applicants then get an automated email indicating that they are approved to drive UVM vehicles.


 Renewal & Re-Activate Form

UVM authorized drivers in need of renewing driving privileges, updating personal information (such as change of address, name change, etc.), or re-activating an archived form, use this link:

Additional Training Classes