About Victoria Hart

I discovered public health after earning a BS in Mechanical Engineering and working for 9 years as an aerospace engineer. As an engineer, I became interested in statistical process control and was intrigued by the application of those methods to health research. I left engineering and went back to school for a MS in Biostatistics and a PhD in Epidemiology. I’ve found my professional home in public health because it allows me to apply the quantitative skills that I enjoy to a field that is necessary and rewarding. The COVID pandemic has only emphasized the need for evidence-based health research.

Before joining the full-time MPH faculty, I worked as a cancer epidemiologist and biostatistician in the Office of Health Promotion Research at UVM, and then as an independent consultant in research design and analysis. Consulting gave me the opportunity to work on a wide variety of public health projects, including youth substance use surveys, institutional nutrition surveys, childhood asthma research, and nursing workforce analysis.

I started teaching part-time in the UVM MPH program in 2014 and discovered a passion for teaching quantitative courses online. I joined the full-time faculty in 2019 and have made it my goal to provide accessible, engaging, and evidence-based online public health education to inspire the next generation of researchers and practitioners.


  • PH302 Epidemiology I
  • PH303 Biostatistics I
  • PH307 Epidemiology II
  • PH309 Biostatistics II

Articles & Publications

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Community Engagement

Through my experience in academia and consulting, I have worked broadly with public health community organizations to develop research hypotheses, develop informative metrics, gather research data, and perform statistical analysis. I currently support the Northern New England Clinical & Translational Research Rural Health Core in developing research projects with rural health providers to benefit their patient population and provide them with the skills and resources to conduct further research independently. I am also the Chair of the Larner College of Medicine (LCOM) Service Corps, which coordinates and communicates volunteer service opportunities within LCOM and the local community.


  • 2021 – University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA®) New England Region Exemplary Teaching Award.
  • 2016 – UVM College of Medicine, Trainee Award for Outstanding Research Publication, Postdoctoral Fellow
  • 2015 – American Society of Preventive Oncology, Top Abstract Travel Award

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