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Jillian Scannell speaks in microphone to crowd

Climate Strike on Campus

“When I heard about Greta Thunberg's global climate strikes, I knew that it was important to host one on UVM’s campus too,” says environmental studies major and SGA president Jillian Scannell. More than 500 community members gathered outside the Davis Center Sept. 20, speaking out and connecting with campus environmental organizations. “What we're trying to do here today is have a productive conversation,” Scannell says. “If people feel like, wow, climate change is this big problem — I don't know what I can do — this gives them some ways to get active.” (Photo: Josh Brown)

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Study: The Greener the green space, the happier people are

A first-of-its-kind study shows that visitors to urban parks use happier words and express less negativity on Twitter than they did before their visit. The effect was strongest in big green parks, a finding “that may help public health officials and governments make plans and investments,” says UVM’s Aaron Schwartz. Read more about the findings.

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