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Student Shervin Razavi sits at microscope

Farming of the Future

When asked what he does with his time, Shervin Razavi '21 pauses, then says, “I spend a lot of time counting things, mostly organisms.” Which, as a double major in mathematics and biology, makes perfect sense. Earlier this year, he began to dream of a technology that could do the counting for him. Razavi has been hard at work during the pandemic on a project to help farmers deal with the nuisance of Canada geese. The computerized system would sense and count the geese, then deploy drones to scare off the birds and leave crops undisturbed. Read more about student research. (Photo and story: Josh Brown)

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Discover UVM Clubs: Black Student Union

The BSU's annual fashion show is about so much more than clothes. In part, it's about showcasing the creative work of Black designers, and, says vice president Jasly Martinez '22, "Black joy is just so important." Watch to hear more from the 2021 event's student organizers and models. (Video: Ian Thomas Jansen-Lonnquist)