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UVM researcher stands in front of coronavirus outbreak map

Confronting New Diseases

A new virus, coronavirus, seems to be spreading fast. And UVM is responding fast too. “We know these epidemics evolve quickly,” said Cindy Noyes, M.D., (above) an infectious disease specialist who co-leads the University of Vermont Medical Center’s preparations for the potential arrival of novel diseases. She spoke as part of a first-ever on-campus “virus slam,” on February 6, organized by the Translational Global Infectious Diseases Research Center. Over two hours, some twenty experts, from five UVM colleges and institutes, gave five-minute mini-talks. So much is unknown. “Welcome to medicine,” said Dr. Noyes to a student in the audience. More about the slam. (Photo: Josh Brown)

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Study: In Cuba, Cleaner Rivers Follow Greener Farming

For the first time in more than 50 years, a team of Cuban and U.S. scientists have worked together to study the impacts of agriculture on water quality in 25 Cuban rivers. The findings: recent decades of conservation farming appear to be paying dividends. Read more about the research. (Video: Ian Thomas Jansen-Lonnquist)

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