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Two students, in masks, talk while standing over bed of small plants in UVM greenhouse

In the Greenhouse

In BioCore 012, students bring an evolutionary lens to the study of life—including labs that explore ecology and human effects on biological systems. “We’re working together here in the greenhouse,” says Melody Romine ’24, right, a zoology major from Madison, CT, “testing potassium on plants with different amounts of fungus.” Her lab partner, Cecelia Egler, ‘23, an environmental science major from Reading, MA, hands her the next dose of high-potassium fertilizer that they’re comparing with a compost treatment. (Photo: Josh Brown)

Featured video

Your Brain on Exercise with UVM's Dr. David Tomasi

Research from UVM's Dr. David Tomasi and team suggests that exercise is so effective at improving symptoms of mood disorders that it could reduce the need for pharmacological intervention alone. Here, he explains the science behind how exercise affects the brain. (Video: 2019, Ian Thomas Jansen-Lonnquist)