About Jennifer Zoller

As a communications professional at the Vermont Department of Health, my work centers around public health. I coordinate public information and messaging around substance use, including overviews and assessments across the continuum of care for substance use disorder (prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery), as well as awareness and behavior change public messaging campaigns.

My education through the University of Vermont Master of Public Health program set the foundation for my understanding of public health. I have continued my professional development with a focus on social marketing and behavior change theory, health literacy and accessibility, health equity, crisis and emergency risk communication, and effective data visualization. I have returned the the UVM MPH program as a lecturer, specializing in these topics, to broaden understanding of intentional communications in public health.


  • PH396 Public Health Communications

Articles & Publications

I have coordinated the development of the Vermont Department of Health’s Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs’ public messaging campaigns focused on addressing needs of diverse audiences.

Community Engagement

Community engagement is the foundation and goal of public health communications. From needs assessments and message development to evaluation and health outcomes, communities are at the center of my work. Producing effective and equitable communications requires an understanding of community needs, risks and acceptable solutions, as well as acknowledging determinants of health, equity and the value of having communities collaborate in every step of the process.

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