The many researchers, educators, natural resource managers, non-profit interests, and others who have worked with the Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative at its key study sites or submitted data and data products for management and archiving to the FEMC Data Archive make up the backbone of the Cooperative. This group is highly interdisciplinary, including federal, state, and regional biologists, forest managers, water quality experts, modelers, K-12 teachers, and many others.

If you would like to become a Cooperator in the FEMC, please get in touch with us.

Directory of Cooperators and Contributors

Michael AbbottSevee & Maher Engineers, Inc.1 Project
Alison AdamsUniversity of Vermont2 Projects 2 Datasets
Mary Beth Adams1 Project
Dan Aitchison3 Projects
Sara Alesi, Staff Scientist1 Project
Cedric Alexander, Wildlife Biologist1 Project
Thomas Allegrezza, Volunteer 1 Project
George Allen1 Project
Caroline AlvesUSDA Natural Resources Conservation Service1 Project
James AndrewsVermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas2 Projects 5 Datasets
Ethan Angell1 Project
Heidi Asbjornsen1 Project
Lauren Ash, Ph.D. student At the University of Vermont1 Project
Michael AucottRutger's University, Department of Environmental Sciences1 Project
Nicholas AugsbergerSterling College1 Project
John Austin, Wildlife BiologistVT Department of Fish & Wildlife1 Project
Cody Aylward1 Project
Tania BacchusJohnson State College1 Project
Andrew Bader, Deputy Chief WWQO-WOH4 Projects
Scott BaileyUSDA Forest Service, Northeastern Research Station6 Projects
Erika BarthelmessSt. Lawrence University1 Project
Bernie BartonVT Department of Forests, Parks, & Recreation1 Project
John Battles1 Project
Leah Bauer1 Project
James Bedison, PH.D. Student1 Project
Colin Beier, Associate ProfessorDepartment of Forest and Natural Resources Management, SUNY-ESF2 Projects
Hal BellGreen Mountain National Forest (RET)1 Project
Chris Bergweiler, Adjunct Assistant ProfessorUniversity of Massachusetts, Environmental Science1 Project
Chris Bernier1 Project
Jenny Berschling, Environmental AnalystVermont Department of Environmental Conservation6 Projects
Paul Bierman, ProfessorUniversity of Vermont1 Project
Daniel Bishop1 Project
Bradley Blackwell1 Project
Eric BloklandMount Mansfield Union High School1 Project
Robert BonhamNew York State Department of Environmental Conservation1 Project
James BooneThe Field Museum2 Projects 1 Dataset
John BrandtVassar College4 Projects 17 Datasets
Mark BremerSyracuse University, Civil and Environmental Engineering1 Project
Jeff Briggs, Forester II - Project Coordinator1 Project
John Brissette2 Projects
Michelle Brown, Ph.D. StudentVermont Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit1 Project
Carrie Brown-Lima, DirectorNew York Invasive Species Research Institute1 Project
Michael BrownbridgeUniversity of Vermont1 Project
David BrynnVermont Family Forests1 Project
Edward Brzostek1 Project
Diane BurbankGreen Mountain National Forest2 Projects 9 Datasets
Jane Burdick1 Project
Melody BurkinsUniversity of Vermont3 Projects
Doug BurnhamVT Department of Environmental Conservation (Retired)2 Projects
Nancy Burt, Soil ScientistGreen Mountain National Forest (RET)8 Projects 9 Datasets
John Butnor, Research Plant Physiologist1 Project
Jonathan Cale1 Project
John CampbellUSDA Forest Service, NEFES3 Projects
Dave CapenUniversity of Vermont1 Project
Jerry CarlsonDivision of Lands and Forests, New York Department of Environmental Conservation4 Projects
Kirsti CarrUVM undergrad1 Project
John Castello1 Project
Lindsay Charlop, Project Manager14 Projects 9 Datasets
Aswini Cherukuri, UVM Undergraduate University of Vermont1 Project
Sophan Chin1 Project
Kathy Ciarimboli, StudentUniversity of Vermont, RSENR1 Project
Steve Cluett, CaptainUniversity of Vermont, Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Laboratory3 Projects
Charlie Cogbill2 Projects
Steve Colombo1 Project
Diane ConradVermont Geological Survey1 Project
Clarke Cooper, Data Manager13 Projects 42 Datasets
Scott CostaUniversity of Vermont1 Project
David Cowan1 Project
Joanne CummingsProctor Maple Research Center8 Projects
Luke CurtisUniversity of Vermont Entomology Research Lab1 Project
Dennis DalyUniversity of Vermont1 Project
Charles DarmstadtVermont Institute of Natural Science1 Project
Michael Day1 Project
Jacob DeBowUniversity of Vermont 1 Project
Kathy DeckerVT Department of Forests, Parks, & Recreation1 Project
Donald DeHayesUniversity of Vermont, RSENR2 Projects
Jason Demers1 Project
Laura Deming1 Project
Jon DennerUnited States Geological Survey3 Projects 1 Dataset
Jamie Deppen, Catskill Science Collaborative Coordinator2 Projects
Gene DesideraggioUVM student1 Project
John DeWildUnited States Geological Survey1 Project
Alison Dibble1 Project
Dan Dillner, Forester IIVT Department of Forests, Parks, & Recreation3 Projects
Laura Dlugolecki, Stormwater SpecialistWinooski Natural Resources Conservation District1 Project
Michael DoddOpen University1 Project
Andrea DonlonUniversity of Vermont1 Project
Kathleen DonnaGreen Mountain and Finger Lakes National Forests1 Project
John DonnellyUniversity of Vermont (RET)2 Projects
Terri DonovanUniversity of Vermont10 Projects
Martin Dovciak, Assistant ProfessorSUNY ESF2 Projects
Caroline Drayton, Environmental TechnicianFEMC Intern2 Projects
Charles Driscoll, University Professor of Environmental Systems Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering4 Projects
James Duncan, DirectorUniversity of Vermont, RSENR25 Projects 41 Datasets
Steve Dunham1 Project
Fred DunlapNew York State Department of Environmental Conservation1 Project
Chris EagarUSDA Forest Service2 Projects
Cathi EliopoulosVT Department of Environmental Conservation1 Project
Allyson EllerSmith College2 Projects
Walter G. EllisonSUNY Albany1 Project
David EllsworthBrookhaven National Laboratory2 Projects
WCAX Engineers1 Project
Jessica Espenshade, Lead ResearcherNational Wildlife Federation1 Project
Steven FaccioVT Institute for Ecosystem Studies3 Projects
Gennaro Falco, DEP Forest Resource PlannerNYC Department of Environmental Conservation2 Projects
Dan FarrellThe Nature Conservancy1 Project
Natalie FeldsineMohonk Preserve1 Project
Dr. Ivan FernandezUniversity of Maine2 Projects
Melissa Fierke1 Project
Mike Finnegan, Database and Web Developer, Site OperatorVermont Monitoring Cooperative3 Projects 59 Datasets
Adrian Finzi1 Project
Steve FiskeVT Department of Environmental Conservation4 Projects 1 Dataset
Lawrence Forcier, Co-Principal InvestigatorUniversity of Vermont1 Project
Bill Frament, FHP Unit Aviation OfficerUSDA Forest Service1 Project
Serita Frey1 Project
Keith Fritschie, PhD StudentUS Geological Survey1 Project
Jeff Frolik, ProfessorUniversity of Vermont, College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences1 Project
Dick FurbushUniversity of Vermont (RET)7 Projects
Marjorie Gale1 Project
Jacqueline Gerson1 Project
Chris Gianfagna, Student1 Project
Tammy GilpatrickAntioch New England Graduate School1 Project
Clare GingerUniversity of Vermont, RSENR1 Project
Christine Goodale1 Project
Juli Gould1 Project
Stuart Grandy1 Project
Brad GreenoughVT Forestry Division1 Project
John GrehanBuffalo Museum of Science, retired2 Projects 1 Dataset
Scott Griggs1 Project 1 Dataset
Les Groom1 Project
Clay GroveGreen Mountain National Forest1 Project
Mark GrundonMount Mansfield Union High School1 Project
David Gudex-Cross, PhD CandidateUniversity of Vermont, RSENR1 Project 11 Datasets
Diana Gurvich2 Projects 3 Datasets
Greg GustinaUniversity of Vermont1 Project
Mark HaberleApplied GIS Inc.1 Project
Julian HadleyHarvard Forest1 Project
Eric HallUS Environmental Protection Agency1 Project
Richard Hallett2 Projects
Joshua Halman, Forest Health Specialist5 Projects
Kelsey HammForest Health Monitoring Intern1 Project
Ryan Hanavan, Forest EntomologistUSDA Forest Service, Northeastern Area1 Project
Peter HannahUniversity of Vermont1 Project
Christopher HansenUniversity of Vermont / USDA Forest Service1 Project
Chris Hansen1 Project
Trish HansonVT Department of Forests, Parks, & Recreation8 Projects 1 Dataset
Dylan Harry, Honors College StudentUniversity of Vermont1 Project
Rebecca Harvey, Environmental Technician2 Projects
Gary HawleyUniversity of Vermont9 Projects
Kristen Haynes, Master Student in Ecology at SUNY-ESFSUNY ESF1 Project
Eric HazeltonMarlboro College1 Project
Jason Hill, Conservation BiologistVermont Center for Ecostudies2 Projects
Brett Hillman1 Project
Jim HoffmanStony Brook University2 Projects
Amanda HolmgrenUniversity of Vermont1 Project
Stephen Horsley1 Project
Colin Howard1 Project
Eric HoweLake Champlain Basin Program1 Project
William HowlandLake Champlain Basin Program2 Projects
Jeffrey HughesUniversity of Vermont3 Projects
Megan HughesUniversity of Vermont1 Project
George JansonColorado State University1 Project
Michael JohnsonVermont Agency of Natural Resources9 Projects
Art JohnsonUniversity of Pennsylvania, Surficial Processes and Environmental Geology1 Project
Chris Johnson, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering 1 Project
Neil Kamman, Senior Policy AdvisorVT Department of Environmental Conservation4 Projects
Gerald KeelerUniversity of Michigan3 Projects
William Keeton, ProfessorUniversity of Vermont, RSENR5 Projects
Stephen Keller, Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Plant Biology, University of Vermont2 Projects
Ronald KelleyVermont Agency of Natural Resources6 Projects
James Kellogg, Aquatic BiologistVT Department of Environmental Conservation4 Projects
Vicky Kelly, Environmental Monitoring Program Manager10 Projects
Laura Kenefic1 Project
William KilpatrickUniversity of Vermont2 Projects
Elizabeth KnoxSmith College1 Project
Randall KolkaUSDA Forest Service1 Project
Mary Margaret Koppers, Lab Assistant1 Project
Jessica KoreckiNew England Wildflower Society1 Project
Alexandra Kosiba, Research Projects CoordinatorRubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, University of Vermont13 Projects 33 Datasets
David KrabbenhoftUnited States Geological Survey1 Project
Robert Lacaillade , Section ChiefAir Quality and Climate Division6 Projects
Jay LackeyVT Forestry Division / VT Department of Forests, Parks, & Recreation4 Projects
Bret Ladago, Fisheries Biologist1 Project
Zachary LandisUniversity of Vermont, Botany Department1 Project
Richard LangdonVT Department of Environmental Conservation3 Projects
CJ Langley1 Project
Matt LarsonGreen Mountain Club2 Projects
Greg LawrenceUnited States Geological Survey4 Projects
Sean LawsonVT Department of Forests, Parks, & Recreation11 Projects
Brynne Lazarus, EcologistUnited States Geological Survey1 Project
Sonya LeeUniversity of Vermont, Botany Department1 Project
Thomas Lee, Associate Professor, Department of Natural Resources and the Environment1 Project
Eveline LeonUniversity of Vermont1 Project
Bennet Leon, Environmental AnalystAir Quality and Climate Division, Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation6 Projects
Adam LewandowskiSterling College1 Project
Gerry LivingstonUniversity of Vermont11 Projects
William Livingston1 Project
John Lloyd, Director of Science8 Projects
Robert Long2 Projects
Elizabeth LongMohonk Preserve3 Projects
Gary Lovett, Forest EcologistCary Institute of Ecosystem Studies8 Projects
William Lowell, Facilities Coordinator & Captain of MelosiraUniversity of Vermont, RSENR Dean's Office (RET)1 Project
Pengxin Lu1 Project
Lars LundVT Department of Forests, Parks, & Recreation4 Projects
Jason Lynch1 Project
Brian MaloneMount Mansfield Union High School1 Project
Tom ManleyMiddlebury College1 Project
Brandon MannNew England Wildflower Society1 Project
William ManningUniversity of Massachusets2 Projects
Robert ManningUniversity of Vermont, RSENR2 Projects
Mary Martin, Research Assistant ProfessorUniversity of New Hampshire3 Projects
Scott McDonnell, Research Scientist, Aviation CoordinatorNew York State Department of Environmental Conservation1 Project
Kent McFarlandVermont Center for Ecostudies11 Projects
Demian McKinleyUniversity of Vermont, Environmental Program1 Project
Robert McMasterSmith College2 Projects 2 Datasets
Stacy McNulty1 Project
Emily MeachamVT Forests, Parks, & Recreation1 Project
Garrett MeigsCollege of Forestry, Oregon State University3 Projects 3 Datasets
Eric MillerEcosystems Research Group, Ltd.5 Projects
Brian MitchellMarsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park1 Project
Karen MookMountain birdwatch 2.01 Project
Aaron MooreVT Department of Environmental Conservation1 Project 1 Dataset
Randall Morin, Research ForesterUSDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station1 Project
Bill MoultonVT Department of Forests, Parks, & Recreation (RET)2 Projects
James Murdoch, Associate Professor3 Projects 6 Datasets
Helena Murray1 Project
Keith MusselmanUniversity of Vermont1 Project
Chris Nagy, director of research and educationEcological Monitoring and Management Alliance2 Projects
Megan Napoli2 Projects 1 Dataset
James O'BrienUSDA Forest Service2 Projects
Jarlath O'Neil-DunneUniversity of Vermont1 Project
Danielle OgurcakNew England Wildflower Society1 Project
Elizabeth Olson1 Project
Mark Olson1 Project
Jessica OrregoUniversity of Vermont, RSENR1 Project
Rick ParadisUniversity of Vermont2 Projects
Linda PardoUSDA Forest Service1 Project
Michael ParisioVT Agency of Natural Resources - Forest, Parks & Rec1 Project
Bruce L. ParkerUniversity of Vermont4 Projects
Bill Parker1 Project
Corrina Parnapy, Fish Program Manager1 Project
Dylan Parry1 Project
Schuyler Pearman-Gillman, Ph.D StudentVermont Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit1 Project
Neil Pederson1 Project
Heather PembrookVermont Agency of Natural Resources3 Projects 2 Datasets
Miriam Pendleton, Site Operator and Outreach CoordinatorForest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative17 Projects 2 Datasets
Mike PerrinFEMC Intern1 Project
Ralph Perron, Air Quality SpecialistUSDA Forest Service1 Project
Alissa Perrone2 Projects
Florence PetersonUSDA Forest Service, Forest Health Protection4 Projects
Richard Poirot, Air Quality PlannerVermont Agency of Natural Resources6 Projects
Walter PolemanUniversity of Vermont, Field Naturalist Program1 Project
Mary Beth Poli, Biological Science TechnicianGreen Mountain and Finger Lakes National Forests1 Project
Jennifer Pontius, Principal InvestigatorUniversity of Vermont11 Projects 13 Datasets
Bob PoppVT Department of Fish & Wildlife3 Projects
Michael Pounch, Resource Manager1 Project
Carrie PuckoUniversity of Vermont1 Project
Angelica Quintana, Soil ScientistGreen Mountain and Finger Lakes National Forests2 Projects
Joe Racette, Wildlife Biologist1 Project
Shelly RaybackUniversity of Vermont4 Projects
Krista ReinhartUniversity of Vermont, RSENR1 Project
Rosalind Renfrew1 Project
Anne RhoadsHuyck Preserve and Biological Research Station2 Projects
Andrew RichardsonUniversity of New Hampshire2 Projects
Leif RichardsonUniversity of Vermont1 Project
Christopher RimmerVermont Center for Ecostudies6 Projects
Martin RischUnited States Geological Survey1 Project
Josephine Robertson UVM1 Project
Elizabeth RomakerFEMC FHM Intern1 Project
Christina Root, Volunteer1 Project
Elias Rosenblatt, Ph.D StudentVermont Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit1 Project
Betsy RosenbluthBurlington Eco Info Project1 Project
Judy Rosovsky, State Entomologist7 Projects 2 Datasets
Donald RossUniversity of Vermont6 Projects 1 Dataset
Becca Rossell1 Project
Stephen RotellaFEMC1 Project 5 Datasets
Steven Roy, Forest Staff OfficerGreen Mountain National Forest2 Projects
Lindsay Rustad2 Projects
Jesse Sadowski1 Project
Christine SandbachUniversity of Vermont1 Project
Erin Sanderson2 Projects
Amy Sauer1 Project
Paul SchabergUSDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station11 Projects
Garry Schaefer, Monitoring Branch LeaderNational Water and Climate Center1 Project
Rich Scheffe1 Project
Tim ScherbatskoyUniversity of Vermont22 Projects 1 Dataset
Steven Schindler, Director of Water Quality4 Projects
Jessica Schuler2 Projects
Barbara Schultz, State Forest Health Program ManagerVT Department of Forests, Parks, & Recreation11 Projects 1 Dataset
Jason ScottMount Mansfield Union High School1 Project
Kerri Scrivanos8 Projects
Angela ShambaughUniversity of Vermont1 Project
Jamie ShanleyUnited States Geological Survey10 Projects 1 Dataset
Matthew Scott Siegel1 Project 9 Datasets
Hillary Siener2 Projects 1 Dataset
Lee Simard, Fisheries Biologist1 Project
Samuel SimkinCary Institute of Ecosystem Studies1 Project
Tom SimmonsVermont Agency of Natural Resources15 Projects 20 Datasets
Barry SimsUniversity of Vermont1 Project
Mary SisockUniversity of Vermont, RSENR1 Project 1 Dataset
Christian Skalka, Associate DeanUniversity of Vermont, College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences1 Project
Margaret Skinner1 Project
Eric SmeltzerVT Department of Environmental Conservation1 Project
Gretchen SmithUniversity of Massachusetts, Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management1 Project
David SonnenfrohPhysical Sciences, Inc.1 Project
Eric SorensonVermont Department of Fish and Wildlife3 Projects
Peter StangelVT Department of Environmental Conservation1 Project
John Stella1 Project
Jason Stockwell, Assistant ProfessorUniversity of Vermont, RSENR1 Project 3 Datasets
Diane StrohmGreen Mountain National Forest2 Projects
Allan Strong, Associate DeanUniversity of Vermont5 Projects
Dave StrubleMaine Forest Service1 Project
Ken SturmUS Fish & Wildlife Service1 Project
Kevin SweeneyAmherst College1 Project 9 Datasets
Eben Sypitkowski, Baxter State Park - Resource Manager3 Projects 5 Datasets
Emma Tait, GIS Analyst3 Projects
Erin Talmage1 Project 1 Dataset
Stephen Teale1 Project
Pamela Templer2 Projects
E. Perry ThomasSterling College2 Projects 1 Dataset
Peter ThompsonUniversity of New Hampshire, Department of Earth Sciences1 Project
Thelma ThompsonUniversity of New Hampshire1 Project
Lisa Thorton, Stewardship Forester1 Project
Don TobiUniversity of Vermont4 Projects
Patrick Tobin1 Project
Kristianne G. TolgyesiMiddlebury College1 Project 1 Dataset
Tony Tolsdorf, HydrologistUSDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, National Water and Climate Center1 Project
Stephen TrombulakMiddlebury College2 Projects 1 Dataset
John Truong, Monitoring and Services CoordinatorForest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative6 Projects 81 Datasets
John TruongUniversity of Vermont1 Project 2 Datasets
Sawyer UpdikeEmployee1 Project
Richard Valentinetti, DirectorVT Air Pollution Control Division (RET)1 Project
Abby van den BergUniversity of Vermont1 Project
Emily Van Wagoner, UVM UndergraduateUniversity of Vermont1 Project
John Vandenberg1 Project
Brittany VerricoUniversity of Vermont1 Project
Chuck VileVT Department of Forests, Parks, & Recreation (RET)4 Projects
Thomas VillarsUSDA Natural Resources Conservation Service3 Projects
Andy Vota1 Project
Carl Waite, Program Coordinator University of Vermont23 Projects
Deane Wang, Associate ProfessorUniversity of Vermont3 Projects
Danielle WardFEMC1 Project
Jay W. WasonSchool of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale University2 Projects
Kathleen Weathers, BiogeochemistCary Institute of Ecosystem Studies4 Projects
Emily Wei1 Project
Camilla Welhaven Schamaun1 Project
Ron WellsVT Department of Forests, Parks, & Recreation (RET)3 Projects
Beverley Wemple, Associate ProfessorUniversity of Vermont5 Projects 1 Dataset
Clifford WetmoreUniversity of Minnesota1 Project
Aiko Weverka, Masters StudentUniversity of Vermont1 Project
Benjamin WhitneyVT Department of Environmental Conservation5 Projects
Katlyn Williard1 Project
Sandra Wilmot, Forest Health Specialist & Climate Change CoordinatorVT Department of Forests, Parks, & Recreation39 Projects 21 Datasets
Tim WilmotUniversity of Vermont3 Projects
Jack Witham, Associate ScientistUniversity of Maine11 Projects 1 Dataset
Wesley Alan WrightUniversity of Vermont1 Project
Katherine WrightMiddlebury College, Biology Department1 Project 1 Dataset
Jennifer WrightGreen Mountain and Finger Lakes National Forests1 Project
Ruth Yanai1 Project
Ronald Zalesny1 Project
Leiming ZhangEnvironment Canada1 Project