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Donald Ross

Organization: University of Vermont

Affiliations: University of Vermont

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Project Role Start End
Paired Watershed Study on the East Slope of Mount Mansfield: Hydrologic MonitoringParticipant 2000-07-01 Ongoing
Vermont Long-Term Soil Monitoring ProgramProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2002-01-01 Ongoing
Cross-site Study of Soil Nitrification and Stream Nitrate ExportProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2001-09-01 2002-12-01
Stream Chemistry of Ranch Brook and West BranchParticipant 2001-03-29 2003-12-31
Mercury Hotspots in Montane Ecosystems of the Northeast ForestProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2014-01-01 Ongoing
Long-term Managed Forest Soil Monitoring for Carbon and NutrientsProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2012-05-01 Ongoing
Phosphorus forms in stream corridor soils of the Missisquoi BasinParticipant 2014-03-01 2016-02-29


Name Date Authors Type
Vermont Long Term Soil Monitoring Methods Manual V22024Joshua Halman, Jamie Shanley, Thomas Villars, Donald Ross, Angelica QuintanaOther Documents
Long‑term monitoring of Vermont’s forest soils: early trends and efforts to address innate variability2021Joshua Halman, Sandra Wilmot, Jamie Shanley, Thomas Villars, Scott Bailey, Donald Ross, James Duncan, Angelica Quintana, Jennifer BowerPublication
Vermont Long-Term Soil Monitoring Program Methods Manual, Version 1.02021Sandra Wilmot, Jamie Shanley, Thomas Villars, Scott Bailey, Donald Ross, James Duncan, Angelica QuintanaOther Documents
Measuring environmental change in forest ecosystems by repeated soil sampling: a North American perspective2012Scott Bailey, Donald Ross, Dr. Ivan Fernandez, Greg LawrencePublication
Sampling-induced increases in net nitrification in the Brush Brook (Vermont) Watershed2003Heidi Hales, Donald RossPublication
Field Documentation of 2002 Sampling, Initial sample year: Year Zero2002Sandra Wilmot, Donald RossReport