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Marjorie Gale

Organization: Vermont Geological Survey, Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation

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From the blog of the Association of American State Geologists (AASG): Marjorie Gale will become the next State Geologist of Vermont beginning Dec 29, 2014. She has worked as a geologist at the Vermont Geological Survey since in 1996 and her primary responsibility was completion of the 2011 Bedrock Geologic Map of Vermont [right, photo by Brian Pfeiffer], a collaborative project of the Vermont Geological Survey (Agency of Natural Resources), the US Geological Survey and the University of Vermont. The work entailed field mapping of Vermont’s bedrock at various scales, compiling and editing diverse data from more than 100 scientists to create a defensible map, creating cross-sections which show the interpretation of geology at depth, and working with the USGS team to produce the final cartographic product. The bedrock map incorporates 30 years of mapping and highlights the present understanding of Vermont geology. Ms. Gale has also worked on statewide groundwater, energy (CO2 sequestration) and ecological studies, and has a broad perspective of geology and natural resources in Vermont. She received a B.A. in Geology, cum laude, from the University of NH in 1974 and an M.S. in Geology (1980) from the University of Vermont. Her thesis, “Geology of the Belvidere Mountain Complex, Eden and Lowell, Vermont”, involved bedrock mapping, structure, metamorphic petrology and geochemistry. Experience prior to joining the VGS includes SEM and XRD applied to core analyses, and education. She has been an effective collaborator with state and national partners. Her experience extends beyond science to the organizational processes and communications and over the years she has been active in providing research and information to support the myriad of services and science-based advice provided by the Vermont Geological Survey.

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Project Role Start End
Bedrock Survey and MappingParticipant 1993-06-01 2011-12-31
Bedrock Survey and MappingProject Lead/Principal Investigator 1993-06-01 2011-12-31