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George Janson

Organization: Colorado State University, USDA UV-B Monitoring Research Program

Affiliations: USDA UV-B Monitoring Research Program, Colorado State University

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Biography George Janson came to this program in September 1996 to fill the second field technician position. His prior background includes over eight years with Eastman Kodak Company at their Windsor, Colorado facility; a year with ANG Coal Gasification Company in Beulah, ND; over five years with Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co, Denver; over 3 years with Choice Heat Company, Fort Collins; and over 3 years with Horizon West Property Management, Fort Collins; plus a few other short-term employments in the Front Range area. Each job involved hands-on maintenance-type work and considerable travel, providing him with an abundance of skills to meet the needs of the nascent UVMRP. Areas of Interest Instrumentation Calibration Education B.S. Chemical Engineering, Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y. 1975 A.S. Math/Science, Columbia-Green Community College, Hudson, N.Y. 1973 Selected Publications Lantz, K., P. Disterhoft, C. Wilson, G. Janson, B. Durham, and J. Slusser. 2006. Long-term evaluation of the calibration of YES UVB-1 broadband radiometers of the Central UV Calibration Facility (1994-2005) and the suite of UV radiometers in the USDA UV Monitoring Network. Proceedings of SPIE, Remote Sensing of Clouds and the Atmosphere XI, 6362, 63620X. doi: 10.1117/12.690059 Krotkov, N., G. Labow, J. Herman, J. Slusser, R. Tree, G. Janson, B. Durham, T. Eck, and B. Holben. 2009. Aerosol column absorption measurements using co-located UV-MFRSR and AERONET CIMEL instruments. Proceedings of SPIE, Ultraviolet and Visible Ground- and Space-based Measurements, Trace Gases, Aerosols and Effects VI, 7462, 746205. doi: 10.1117/12.826880 Development of the U111 Ultraviolet Scanning Radiometer, participation in this Intercomparison, and operation of the USDA UV Network was funded by the US Department of Agriculture UV-B Monitoring and Research Program through contracts 2003-34263-13509 and 2004-34263-14270 under the direction of Dr. Daniel Schmoldt.

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Project Role Start End
UV-B Monitoring Station in USDA National Monitoring NetworkSite Operator 1996-10-22 Ongoing