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Paul Schaberg

USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station

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Project Role Start End
Winter Injury Assessment of Red Spruce on Mt. MansfieldProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2003-04-01 2003-06-30
Developing a Multiproxy Tree-Ring Based Reconstruction of Past Climate for New EnglandProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2012-06-01 2014-07-01
Dendrochronological analysis of five dominant tree species along elevational gradients at Mt. MansfieldProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2012-09-03 2016-05-24
Winter Injury, Carbon Loss, but Surprising Growth Resurgence in Red SpruceProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2010-01-01 2013-01-01
Experimental Ice Glazing in a Northern Hardwood Forest to Understand Ecological Impacts of Ice StormsParticipant 2009-01-01 2013-12-01
Causes and Implications of Surprising Growth Resurgence of Red Spruce in the Northern ForestParticipant 2013-01-01 Ongoing
Testing the Ability of a Remote-Sensing Tool (LiDAR) to Assess Tree Health and Bird and Insect PopulationsProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2013-01-01 Ongoing
Calcium Deficiency Implicated in Sugar Maple DeclineProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2001-01-01 2006-03-31
Weather-Related Causes of Red Spruce Winter Injury and Impacts on Carbon StorageProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2006-01-01 Ongoing


Name Date Authors Type
Proceedings of the 8th Eastern CANUSA Forest Science Conference: Understanding and Managing ECANUSA Forests in a Changing Environment2017Paul Schaberg, Jennifer Pontius, James DuncanPublication
Using dendroecological techniques to interpret the response of trees to environmental change at Vermont Monitoring Cooperative’s Mount Mansfield study site 2014Shelly Rayback, Gary Hawley, Paul Schaberg, Alexandra KosibaAnnual Report
Quantifying the legacy of foliar winter injury on woody aboveground carbon sequestration of red spruce trees2013Christopher Hansen, Gary Hawley, Paul Schaberg, Alexandra KosibaPublication
Associations of calcium and aluminum nutrition with the growth and health of sugar maple trees in Vermont1969Gary Hawley, Scott Bailey, Donald DeHayes, Paul SchabergPublication