The Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative (FEMC) is a five-state collaboration that shares and synthesizes forest ecosystem research and monitoring data, facilitates networking and partnerships, and provides tools to understand and manage forested ecosystems across the region.

How the Cooperative Works

The FEMC is comprised of partners from dozens of organizations working across Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont to share information and collaborate on key challenges facing the region.

FEMC's guiding committees develop a regional work plan to identify key issues and tasks to address some of the challenges. For 2017-2018, these issues are:

  • Fragmentation information sharing and monitoring
  • Expanding access to forest-relevant climate change indicators and data
  • Cross-state comparison of methods in key monitoring datasets

For each issue the Cooperative develops products, engages new partners and disseminates results to support all members of the FEMC. These priority issues will be revisited at each Annual Conference of the FEMC.

The FEMC staff supports and facilitates the activities of a much larger network of actively engaged collaborators. While FEMC funding primarily supports ongoing research, monitoring, outreach and data management, the bulk of FEMC activities are accomplished by "in kind" contributions provided by the larger collaborative network. Many professionals actively contribute to current and ongoing monitoring and research projects, and more than a hundred other contributors have bolstered the monitoring record through their work in years past.

Core funding for the FEMC is provided by the USDA Forest Service, with many additional partners providing financial and in-kind support for specific programs.