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Nancy Burt

Organization: United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Forest Service, Green Mountain National Forest

Affiliations: Green Mountain National Forest, USDA Forest Service

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List of Projects

Project Role Start End
Lye Brook Area Ecological Land Type ClassificationProject Lead/Principal Investigator 1993-02-26 1995-12-31
Clean Air Status and Trend Network (CASTNET)Project Lead/Principal Investigator 1988-01-01 Ongoing
Forest Inventory of Lye Brook Wilderness AreaProject Lead/Principal Investigator 1994-01-01 1994-12-31
Tree Nutrition Status on Long-term Soil Monitoring PlotsParticipant 2000-07-01 2000-10-31
Vermont Long-Term Soil Monitoring ProgramParticipant 2002-01-01 Ongoing
Cross-site Study of Soil Nitrification and Stream Nitrate ExportParticipant 2001-09-01 2002-12-01
Green Mountain National Forests Long-term Ecosystem Monitoring Project (LEMP)Participant 2008-08-29 Ongoing
Long-term Managed Forest Soil Monitoring for Carbon and NutrientsParticipant 2012-05-01 Ongoing