Long-term Forest Ecosystem Monitoring

Through collaborations with government agencies, universities, and independent scientists, the Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative maintains a number of long-term monitoring projects.

These projects span disciplines, geography and time, with some projects going back to the 1980s. FEMC conducts active field work, project development and guidance, and data management for these projects, and keeps projects updated with the most current available information. If you would like to collaborate with FEMC to create a long-term monitoring project, please let us know how we can help you.

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Forest Health

Intensive field measurements tracking subtle changes in forests over time.

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Urban Forests

Monitoring the services provided by urban forests

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Air Quality

Decades of intensive precipitation and atmospheric monitoring

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High-elevation monitoring of sensitive bird species

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Herp Population and Occurrence Tracking

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Comparing water flow to understand the effects of changing forest cover

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Quantifying changes in the timing of spring and fall

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A long-term approach to understanding the role of soils in forest change

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Capturing changes in meteorology to understand how a shifting climate will affect forested ecosystems

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