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Dr. Alexandra Kosiba

Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, University of Vermont

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Ali is a forest ecologist and dendrochronologist (tree rings) who specializes in understanding tree response to environmental change. She has worked with FEMC over the years, first as a graduate student studying tree growth in the FEMCs long-term study site at Mt. Mansfield and as a part-time staff member to author the annual reports. Now at the FEMC, she will coordinate FEMC projects across the region.

List of Projects

Project Role Start End
Developing a Multiproxy Tree-Ring Based Reconstruction of Past Climate for New EnglandParticipant 2012-06-01 2014-07-01
Winooski Urban Forest InventoryParticipant 2014-07-01 Ongoing
Winter Injury, Carbon Loss, but Surprising Growth Resurgence in Red SpruceProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2010-01-01 2013-03-04
Dendrochronological analysis of five dominant tree species along elevational gradients at Mt. MansfieldProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2012-09-03 2016-05-24
Causes and Implications of Surprising Growth Resurgence of Red Spruce in the Northern ForestProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2013-01-01 2016-08-01
Northeastern Regional Aerial Detection SurveysProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2016-06-02 2018-04-30