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Alison Adams

Organization: University of Vermont

Affiliations: Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative (FEMC)

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Alison joined FEMC as the Director in 2022. Alison brings a wealth of experience in interdisciplinary environmental work, spanning disciplines from remote sensing and landscape modeling to ecosystem services and stakeholder engagement. She has a Master’s degree in Natural Resources from UVM, which focused on mapping forest change in New England, and is currently completing her PhD exploring how environmental change affects people's experiences of cultural ecosystem services. Alison previously developed Lake Champlain Sea Grant's Watershed Forestry Partnership. She has also worked in environmental advocacy and community outreach in Washington, DC. Outside of work she can usually be found hiking, rock climbing, or exploring the woods looking for interesting mushrooms.

List of Projects

Project Role Start End
Aboveground and coarse roots carbon storage estimates based on varying forest type specificity for northwestern Vermont and northeastern New York forestsProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2014-11-01 2016-08-31
Northern forest projected forest cover change: 2015 - 2045Participant 2014-09-01 2017-09-01
Mapping forest species mixes across the Northeast from Landsat imageryParticipant 2014-10-01 2018-09-30
Drivers and projections of forest fragmentation in Vermont and the NortheastParticipant 2018-10-01 2020-10-30
Regional Forest Health MonitoringProject Lead/Principal Investigator 1992-06-01 Ongoing