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Jim Duncan serves as the director of the Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative, where he strives to improve access to information and monitoring of forested ecosystems in the northeast. He supports Cooperators by making long-term monitoring data on the region’s forested ecosystems more accessible, providing needed aggregation and syntheses of disparate data into products that are more useful for seeing and responding to change, and building new regional networks for greater collaboration in monitoring. He also supports interdisciplinary teams in UVM's Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources with spatiotemporal analysis and integration of social and ecological data, and serves on his towns tree board. He previously worked to increase transparency in the oil, gas and mining sectors by giving decision makers and citizens tools to map and interact with data, including in Mongolia and Ghana.

List of Projects

Project Role Start End
Vermont Statewide Aerial Sketchmapping of Tree Defoliation, Mortality and other DamagesParticipant 1980-01-01 Ongoing
Mt. Mansfield West Slope Mid-Elevation Forest Meteorological MonitoringProject Lead/Principal Investigator 1996-09-01 Ongoing
Colchester Reef Meteorological MonitoringParticipant 1996-07-01 Ongoing
Mt. Mansfield East Slope Mid-elevation Forest Meteorological Monitoring (884m)Project Lead/Principal Investigator 1999-07-26 Ongoing
Mount Mansfield Summit MeteorologyProject Lead/Principal Investigator 1954-01-01 Ongoing
Long-term Soil Monitoring: Plot Regeneration DataParticipant 2007-01-01 Ongoing
Burton Island Meteorological MonitoringProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2010-09-29 Ongoing
Atmospheric Mercury Network (AMNet): Continuous monitoring of elemental and reactive mercuryProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2009-01-01 2016-01-04
Wet Deposition of Mercury at Proctor Maple Research Center (Mercury Deposition Network-MDN)Participant 2004-07-27 2016-01-19
Proctor Maple Research Center Meteorological Monitoring: (399 m)Project Lead/Principal Investigator 1988-06-01 Ongoing
Vermont Forest Health MonitoringProject Lead/Principal Investigator 1991-06-01 Ongoing
National Atmospheric Deposition Program/National Trends Network (NADP/NTN)Project Lead/Principal Investigator 1984-06-01 Ongoing
Forest Environmental Monitoring (Canopy Tower)Project Lead/Principal Investigator 1992-07-07 Ongoing
UV-B Monitoring Station in USDA National Monitoring NetworkProject Lead/Principal Investigator 1996-10-22 Ongoing
Colchester Reef Meteorological MonitoringProject Lead/Principal Investigator 1996-07-01 Ongoing
Diamond Island Meteorological MonitoringProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2004-05-21 Ongoing
CAMNET HazeCam, Burlington StationProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2001-06-01 Ongoing
Burlington Urban Forest Monitoring Using i-Tree EcoProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2011-08-31 Ongoing
Winooski Urban Forest InventoryProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2014-07-01 Ongoing
Northeastern Regional Aerial Detection Surveys and Insect and Disease SurveysProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2016-06-02 2018-04-30
Projected hemlock woolly adelgid-induced losses (2013-2027) in riparian corridors in New York StateProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2018-06-01 2018-10-19
Forest clearing detected in New Hampshire using remote sensing (2000-2018)Project Lead/Principal Investigator 2019-01-01 2020-01-07
Quantifying the Economic Impacts of Invasive Forest Pests and Diseases in Urban AreasProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2020-02-25 2020-02-26
Assessing the risk of invasive plant introductions at trailheads in the Adirondack Park, NYParticipant 2019-08-01 2020-01-31


Name Date Authors Type
Northeast Forest Regeneration Data Network Methods Assessment V1.02020Alexandra Kosiba, James Duncan, Emma Tait, Julia Pupko, Alyx BelisleOther Documents
Northeastern Forest Regeneration Data Network V1.0 Final Report2020Alexandra Kosiba, James Duncan, Emma Tait, Julia Pupko, Alyx BelisleReport
Continuous Forest Inventory Methods Assessment and Suitability Anlaysis Spreadsheet2020Alexandra Kosiba, James Duncan, Matthias NevinsOther Documents
Comparing Continuous Forest Inventory Program Methodologies Across the Northeast2020Alexandra Kosiba, James Duncan, Matthias NevinsReport
Threats to the Urban Forest: The potential economic impacts of invasive forest pests and diseases in the Northeast2020Alexandra Kosiba, James Duncan, Emma Tait, Clarke Cooper, Gene Desideraggio, Alyx BelisleReport
Inventory of moderate and intensive timber clearings detected via remote sensing in New Hampshire between 2000 and 20182020Alexandra Kosiba, James DuncanReport
Northeast Forest Fragmentation Information Network Version 1.0: Analysis of Resources and Gaps2019Jennifer Pontius, Alexandra Kosiba, James Duncan, Mike Finnegan, John TruongReport
Vermont Forest Health Monitoring Protocol (2019)2019Sandra Wilmot, Jennifer Pontius, James Duncan, David Gudex-Cross, Christine Sandbach, John TruongOther Documents
test2019James DuncanDocument
Climate Connection: Tools for Understanding Climate Change and How It Impacts Forest Ecosystems in the Northeast2019Jennifer Pontius, Alexandra Kosiba, James Duncan, Mike Finnegan, John TruongReport
The DendroEcological Network Version 1.0 - Technical Report2019Shelly Rayback, Christopher Hansen, Paul Schaberg, Alexandra Kosiba, James DuncanAnnual Report
Linking Forest Science to Policy: Improving a Forest Indicators Dashboard to Inform Policy and Decision Making Across Vermont's Forested Landscape2019Jennifer Pontius, Alexandra Kosiba, James Duncan, Laura EdlingPublication
Hemlock woolly adelgid-induced losses in riparian corridors in New York State2018Alexandra Kosiba, James Duncan, Carrie Brown-LimaReport
Northeastern Forest Health Atlas - Technical Report2018William Keeton, Jennifer Pontius, Alexandra Kosiba, James Duncan, Emma Tait, Garrett MeigsReport
Matthew Gorton2017James Duncan, Matthew GortonDocument
Jim new logo2017James DuncanDocument
Jim Duncan Profile Picture2017James Duncan, Jim Duncan TestDocument
Proceedings of the 8th Eastern CANUSA Forest Science Conference: Understanding and Managing ECANUSA Forests in a Changing Environment2017Paul Schaberg, Jennifer Pontius, James DuncanPublication
Massachusetts Forest Health Mapping Standardization, Analysis and Access: Final Report2017James Duncan, Emma TaitPublication
New York Forest Health Mapping Digitization, Analysis and Access: Final Report2016James Duncan, Emma TaitPublication
New York Forest Health Mapping Digitization, Analysis and Access2016James Duncan, Emma TaitReport
Jim's test1969James DuncanDocument