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Jennifer Pontius

Organization: University of Vermont

Affiliations: University of Vermont

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My research is cross-disciplinary with the ultimate goal of scaling plot-based forest health relationships to a landscape-scale using remote sensing and GIS modeling. To date, this work has focused on the detection and mapping of pre-visual forest decline symptoms resulting from invasive species, global climate change and acid deposition/nutrient depletion. These techniques provide a much-needed tool for the early detection of new and existing stressors and will allow forest management agencies to focus management efforts before stands are severely impacted.

List of Projects

Project Role Start End
Vermont Forest Health MonitoringProject Lead/Principal Investigator 1991-06-01 Ongoing
Forest Condition Change in Northern Vermont: Potential causes and implications for landscape-scale analysisParticipant 2011-05-01 2011-08-31
Snowpack Monitoring Using Wireless TechnologyProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2011-10-01 2013-06-01
Northeastern Forest Health Trend Index Derived from Landsat ImageryProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2011-01-01 2012-12-31
EPSCOR Vegetative Phenology Metric DataProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2015-09-01 2016-12-31
Northeastern Regional Aerial Detection Surveys and Insect and Disease SurveysProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2016-06-02 2018-04-30
Aboveground and coarse roots carbon storage estimates based on varying forest type specificity for northwestern Vermont and northeastern New York forestsParticipant 2014-11-01 2016-08-31
Mapping forest species mixes across the Northeast from Landsat imageryProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2014-10-01 2018-09-30
Drivers and projections of forest fragmentation in Vermont and the NortheastProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2018-10-01 2020-10-30


Name Date Authors Type
Proceedings of the 2020 Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative Annual Conference2021Jennifer Pontius, James Duncan, John Truong, Elissa SchuettPublication
Vermont Regional Planning Commission Fragmentation Risk Glance Sheets2020Jennifer Pontius, James DuncanOther Documents
2019 Massachusetts Forest Health Monitoring Program: 2019 Report2020Jennifer Pontius, Alexandra Kosiba, James Duncan, John Truong, Matthias Nevins, Matthias Sirch, Julia PupkoAnnual Report
Proceedings of the 2019 Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative Conference2020Jennifer Pontius, Alexandra Kosiba, James Duncan, John Truong, Julia Pupko, Alyx BelisleOther Documents
Northeast Forest Fragmentation Information Network Version 1.0: Analysis of Resources and Gaps2019Jennifer Pontius, Alexandra Kosiba, James Duncan, Mike Finnegan, John TruongReport
Vermont Forest Health Monitoring Protocol (2019)2019Sandra Wilmot, Jennifer Pontius, James Duncan, David Gudex-Cross, Christine Sandbach, John TruongOther Documents
Climate Connection: Tools for Understanding Climate Change and How It Impacts Forest Ecosystems in the Northeast2019Jennifer Pontius, Alexandra Kosiba, James Duncan, Mike Finnegan, John TruongReport
Linking Forest Science to Policy: Improving a Forest Indicators Dashboard to Inform Policy and Decision Making Across Vermont's Forested Landscape2019Jennifer Pontius, Alexandra Kosiba, James Duncan, Laura EdlingPublication
Proceedings of the 2018 Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative Conference2019Jennifer Pontius, Alexandra Kosiba, James Duncan, John Truong, Stephen RotellaAnnual Report
Northeastern Forest Health Atlas - Technical Report2018William Keeton, Jennifer Pontius, Alexandra Kosiba, James Duncan, Emma Tait, Garrett MeigsReport
Proceedings of the 8th Eastern CANUSA Forest Science Conference: Understanding and Managing ECANUSA Forests in a Changing Environment2017Paul Schaberg, Jennifer Pontius, James DuncanPublication
Proceedings of the 2016 Vermont Monitoring Cooperative Conference2017Jennifer PontiusReport