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James Murdoch

Organization: University of Vermont, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources

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Project Role Start End
Public acceptability of development in the Northern Forest of Vermont, USA - the influence of wildlife information, recreation involvement, and demographic characteristicsProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2013-06-01 2015-06-01
Estimating distribution and connectivity of recolonizing American marten in the northeastern United States using expert elicitation techniquesProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2015-01-01 2018-01-01
Predicting wildlife distribution patterns in New England USA with expert elicitation techniquesParticipant 2016-05-01 2020-01-15
Drivers and consequences of alternative landscape futures on wildlife distributions in New England, United StatesParticipant 2016-05-01 Ongoing
Wildlife resistance and protection in a changing New England landscapeParticipant 2016-05-01 Ongoing


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Jed Murdoch2017James Murdoch, Gabe Sequeira-BacherDocument