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Michale Glennon

Organization: Paul Smith's College, Adirondack Watershed Institute

Affiliations: Paul Smith's College, Adirondack Watershed Institute

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Michale Glennon is an ecologist and serves as the Science Director for the Adirondack Watershed Institute at Paul Smith’s College. She previously spent 15 years as the Director of Science for the Adirondack Program of the Wildlife Conservation Society. She is interested in the effects of land use management on wildlife populations in the Adirondack Park of northern New York State and has 20 years of experience leading ecological research projects focusing on landscape and community ecology using a variety of taxa including avian, small mammal, and herpetological communities. She has experience with field techniques and analytical methods and has publishing scientific findings within a diversity of disciplines including biogeography, conservation, landscape ecology, and resource and recreation management. Her research ranges from issues of residential development to recreation ecology to climate change. Since 2004, Michale has led a long-term project focused on low elevation boreal bird communities in the Adirondacks, changes to those communities over time, and vulnerability of these species and their peatland habitats in a warming climate. Michale obtained her M.S. (1997) and Ph.D. (2002) in Environmental and Forest Biology from SUNY-ESF, and retains adjunct status there.

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Long-term bird monitoring in low elevation boreal habitats of the Adirondack ParkParticipant 2004-05-15 Ongoing


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