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Gary Lovett

Organization: Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

Affiliations: Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

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Project Role Start End
Canopy Ion Exchange MechanismsParticipant 1991-07-01 1993-12-31
Assessment of Dry Deposition Methods/Throughfall ComparisonParticipant 2002-05-01 2002-12-31
Effects of Beech Bark Disease and Soil Calcium on a Northern Hardwood ForestProject Lead/Principal Investigator 2004-01-01 2004-12-31
Tracing Nitrogen in Northern Forest SoilsParticipant 2014-01-01 Ongoing
Using "Critical Loads" to Assess Air Pollution and its Effects on Forest EcosystemsParticipant 2005-01-01 Ongoing
Catskill Mountains Vegetation SamplingProject Lead/Principal Investigator 1997-01-01 2000-12-31
Catskill Mountains Vegetation Cover MapsProject Lead/Principal Investigator 1997-01-01 2001-08-01
Catskill Mountains Nitrogen Fertilization StudyProject Lead/Principal Investigator 1997-07-01 2010-09-30


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