NFS New Course Numbers:

Old NumberCourse TitleNew Number
NFS 033What's Brewing in Food ScienceNFS 1033
NFS 034Servsafe Certiofication CourseNFS 1034
NFS 043Fundamentals of NutritionNFS 1043
NFS 044Survey of the FieldNFS 1044
NFS 053Basic Concepts of FoodsNFS 1053
NFS 072Kitchen ScienceNFS 1072
NFS 073Farm to TableNFS 1073
NFS 095Delve into DairyNFS 1990
NFS 113US Food Policy and PoliticsNFS 2113
NFS 114Human Health in the Food SystemNFS 2114
NFS 143Nutrition in the Life CycleNFS 2143
NFS 153Principles of Food TechnologyNFS 2153
NFS 154Principles of Food Technology LabNFS 2154
NFS 156Deadly Foods: Outbreak InvesitgationsNFS 2156
NFS 163Sports NutritionNFS 2163
NFS 183Intro to BiochemistryNFS 2183
NFS 195Sustainable DietsNFS 2990
NFS 203Food MicrobiologyNFS 3203
NFS 213Food Microbiology LabNFS 3204
NFS 205Functional FoodsNFS 3205
NFS 223Nutrition Ed and CounselingNFS 3223
NFS 243Advanced NutritionNFS 3243
NFS 250Foodservice Systems ManagementNFS 3250
NFS 254Global Food SafetyNFS 3254
NFS 260Clinical Nutrition 1NFS 3260
NFS 264Clinical Nutrition 2NFS 3261
NFS 262Community NutritionNFS 3262
NFS 283HAACP: Theory and ApplicationNFS 3283
NFS 295Food Product ProductionNFS 3990
BIOC 263Nutritional BiochemBIOC 3063
NFS 286NFS Senior SeminarNFS 4286
NFS 245Nutrition for Global HealthNFS 5245
NFS 253Food Safety and RegulationNFS 5253
NFS 254Global Food SafetyNFS 5254
NFS 310MSD Journal ClubNFS 6100
NFS 311Supervised Practice INFS 6110
NFS 312Supervised Practice IINFS 6120
NFS 392Evidenced Based Practicum ProjectNFS 6130
NFS 350Nutrition and Food Sciences SeminarNFS 6350
NFS 362Intro to Research MethodsNFS 6362
NFS 390Master's Project ResearchNFS 6391
NFS 391Master's Thesis ResearchNFS 6392

Other Course Numbers

NFS 274Community Practicum         NFS 3890
NFS 196/296InternshipsNFS 2991/3991
NFS 198/298Undergraduate ResearchNFS 2995/3995
NFS 291Teaching AssistantshipNFS 3994
NFS 095/195/295Special TopicsNFS 1990/2990/3990


Look Up Other Department's New Course Numbers:

Registrar's Course Renumbering Widget

This tool will give you the new 4-digit course number when you enter an old 3-digit course number.

Please provide a valid Subject Code and Course Number. If you enter an old 3-digit course, the equivalent new 4-digit course will be returned. If you enter a 4-digit course, the old 3-digit course will be returned. If you enter a 3-digit number and get the message ‘Could not find course:’, that means the course was not given a 4-digit number.

CALS Purcard Process:

  1. An e-mail from Pat Englert will be sent to you monthly when it is time to reallocate your Purcard.
  2. Login to Peoplesoft or US Bank to review your Purcard journal expenses.
  3. Enter your transactions into the Purcard log and sign.
  4. Tape your receipts onto a sheet of paper, multiple receipts may be on one page, write your name at the top of each sheet of paper (or on every receipt), write the project number, chartstring or chartstring name on every receipt.
  5. Scan the Purcard log, receipts and backup documentation, such as conference agendas, list of attendees for business meals etc. to Pat Englert.
  6. Pat Englert will reallocate the transactions in PeopleSoft.
  7. Pat Englert will get the supervisor signature and submit.

Faculty Professional Development Funds Request Form:

PeopleSoft Login to View Purcard Transactions:

  1. Log into Peoplesoft – Finance
  2. Click on Main Menu
  3. Click on Employee Self-Service
  4. Click on Procurement
  5. Click on UVM Purcard Reallocations
  6. Type in your last name and hit Search
  7. Most recent Journal date should be at the top of the list for you to click on
  8. It will bring you to a Header page and you can Click on the tab called Lines.
  9. Lines tab will show you what was expensed for the month and what to send CALSEXT_Finance for receipts.
  10. There is no action to be done in Peoplesoft, Pat Englert will reallocate for you.



Purchases under $2,500.00 may be made using your Purcard. If the vendor does not accept credit cards a Purchase Order (PO) will need to issued.

Purchases $1,000.00 or more check with Lacey first

Purchase Orders are obtained by first having a Requisition entered and submitted.

  • A PO must be issued PRIOR to ordering supplies, services being provided or goods being ordered
  • A quote from the vendor is needed to initiate the Requisition
  • The quote should include the price of the goods/service, freight or shipping costs, mileage reimbursement, etc., what makes up the total cost to be paid to the vendor.

If the PO is greater than $1,000.00 for services and associated expenses than a Service Agreement needs to be created, approved and signed before these services can be provided.  Service Agreements take time to be routed and approved. They are reviewed once a week in the Dean's Office.  If they are over $5,000 then additional review and approval is required which will add more time.

There may be other forms required as well, such as:

**Not following the above procedures can make you liable for the purchase(s).**

Purchasing Quick Links:

More information on puchases is available on the Purchasing Services website.


The full travel policy is found here: Travel Policy

No travel expenses will be reimbursed before the trip has occured.

If expenses must be incurred before the trip, airfare, conference registration, hotel, etc., a UVM Purcard should be used as means of payment.

International Travel

  • Pre-approval is required for international travel on University buisiness outside of the U.S. or Canada.
    • email Travel with your travel information, including dates and amount to encumber on your budget
    • submit your request 2 weeks PRIOR to your travel departure date
  • Sponsor approval of foreign travel may also be required.  Please contact Sponsored Project Administration (SPA) with questions.  Travelers funded by federal grant or contract monies are required to comply with the Fly America Act.
  • International travel meal rate = $75 per day without receipts; $90 with receipts.
  • International SOS provides emergency travel services abroad while students, faculty and staff are engaged in UVM approved business, research or study.

Domestic Travel

  • FY20 Mileage remibursement rate: $0.58
  • Meal expenses, including reasonable tip, are not to exceed $60 per day, receipts are not required

Travel Reimbursement

  • Complete the Reimbursement Form
  • Tape receipts to a sheet of paper
  • Include travel documentation such as conference brochure
  • Scan all documents to Travel
  • Or mail to Disbursement Center, 23 Mansfield Avenue, Burlington, VT 05401

US Bank Login to View Purcard Transactions:

Us Bank Purcard Portal

To access the your US Bank Purcard Statement you will need to self-register on the US Bank site, just as you would for any other web site you log into.

To Set up your access for the first time:

  • Click on Register Online
  • Type UVM in the Organization Short Name Box
  • Type in the 16 digit account number from your Purcard
  • Type in the Purcard Expiration date
  • Click on Send a Code, your email is on file and US Bank will send you a passcode to complete the registration.


Covid-19 Forms and Info:

  • Covid-19 Tracking Form
    • The purpose of this form is to allow for contact tracing to notify other UVM affiliates or operations if needed as well as to understand the scope of COVID-19's impact to business continuity to aid in planning.

      This form should be completed by the employee and only if they have been on campus in the last 14 days and they have been directed by their doctor to stay home due to COVID-19 symptoms or close contact. Individuals should follow the VT Department of health's Close Contact guidelines before contacting a health care professional. If the employee is unable to fill out the form, the supervisor can fill it out on the employee's behalf.

  • Covid-19 Information and Updates

  • Covid-19 FAQs

Report A Concern- UVM Unified Campus Reporting Portal: