In 2006, CALS faculty passed a revision of the bylaws that recognize several standing college committees.

Committees members serve one to three consecutive year terms and are eligible to serve consecutive terms. Committee chairs are chosen at the first fall meeting of each academic year.

CALS Academic Awards Committee

Committee Members Term
Julie Smith, ASCI   2018-2021
Todd Pritchard, NFS, Chair 2018-2021
Jeff Hughes, PBIO 2018-2021
Dawei Li, MMG 2017-2020
Jane Petrillo, CDAE 2017-2020
Deborah Neher, PSS 2018-2021



Evaluate and choose winners for the following awards:

  • CALS Distinguished Undergraduate Research
  • Lawrence K. Forcier Outstanding Senior Award
  • Alexander Kende Academic Merit Award

CALS Committee on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

CALS Committee Members
Christopher Koliba, Community Development & Applied Economics - Committee Chair
Patrick Brown, Community Development & Applied Economics
Ernesto Mendez, Plant & Soil Science
Don Stratton, Plant Biology
Farryl Bertmann, Nutrition & Food Sciences
Eric Testroet, Animal Science
Dawei Li, Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
Cheryl Herrick, UVM Extension

Read more about the CALS EDI committee 


CALS Curriculum Committee

Committee Members Term
Janet Murray, MMG Honors College Representative
Vic Izzo, PSS 2017-2020
Sarah Heiss, CDAE, Co-Chair 2017-2020
Farryl Bertmann, NFS, Co-Chair   2018-2021
Christina Rohan, ASCI 2018-2021
Jane Molofsky, PBIO 2017-2020



  • Reviews and evaluates all proposed changes to the curriculum of specific academic programs, including additions or deletions of courses, name changes of courses, academic programs or academic departments, modifications of courses including changes in number of credit hours, cross-listing of courses, or change in course level or program designators.
  • Reviews and evaluates all proposed changes to requirements of individual degree programs, and the general degree requirements of the College.
  • Maintains clear guidelines for the mechanisms to propose changes to courses, programs or degree requirements.  These guidelines should be reviewed and evaluated on an annual basis, or as requested by the Dean.
  • Is empowered to solicit additional clarifying information from sponsoring units or academic departments, as necessary to evaluate proposals for curriculum change.
  • Shall advise the Dean and appropriate Department Chairpersons of the Curriculum Committee’s evaluation of proposals for curriculum change.
  • Shall provide both a written and oral summary of the Curriculum Committee’s recommendations at meetings of college members
  • Shall address other appropriate curricular matters as requested by the Dean.


CALS Faculty Standards Committee

Committee Members Term
Gary Ward, MMG, Co-Chair 2017-2020
Asim Zia, CDAE 2017-2020
Mary Tierney, PBIO 2018-2021
Yolanda Chen, PSS   2018-2021
Jana Kraft, ASCI 2018-2021
Paul Kindstedt, NFS, Co-Chair  2017-2020
Ellen Rowe, EXT 2018-2021



  • The CALS Faculty Standards Committee (FSC) is committee is entrusted with the solemn responsibility to evaluate the performance of their peers in instruction, scholarship and service, in relation to the established CALS RPT Guidelines and any Collective Bargaining Agreement between United Academics and UVM, and provide a confidential, written  recommendation to the Dean, on matters concerning:
  • Tenure decisions (green sheet promotion review)
  • Evaluation of progress towards tenure at the 2-year and 4-year mark (green sheet reappointment reviews)
  • Four-year reappointment (blue-sheet reappointment reviews)
  • Requests for promotion in rank (green sheet promotional review)
  • Requests for sabbatical leave
  • Allegations of professional misconduct or incompetence
  • Other matters relating to faculty conduct, as requested by the Dean

Conflict of Interest:  A member of the FSC must not be present during any discussion regarding that member, or a relation/partner of that committee member.  A member of the FSC must not be present during any discussion that will result in a direct personal, professional or financial impact on the committee member

Recusals:  A member of the FSC can only cast one vote regarding the disposition of an RPT recommendation; this vote can either be at the department-level review or FSC review, but not both.  FSC members are encouraged to participate in review and discussion of matters concerning Departmental colleagues, however, the CALS Leadership Team recommends that conflicted FSC members cast their vote at the level of Department review and abstain from the FSC vote.

CALS Studies Committee

Committee Members Term
Kari Hodge, MMG 2019-2020
Andrea Etter, NFS 2019-2020
Mark Starrett, PSS, Chair   2018-2021
James McGuffey, CDAE 2018-2021
Terrence Delaney, PBIO 2018-2021



The CALS Studies Committee is responsible for determining the student status for students who fall below the required 2.0 grade point average for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.


University Curricular Affairs Committee

CALS Committee Members Term
Ann Hazelrigg, Extension 2017-2020
Laura Almstead, PBIO 2018-2021


University Education and Research Technologies Committee

CALS Committee Memebers Term
Jane Petrillo, CDAE 2017-2020


University Financial and Physical Planning Committee

CALS Committee Members Term
Don Ross, PSS 2016-2019



University Professional Standards Committee

CALS Committee Members  
Mary Peabody, Extension 2018-2021


University Research, Scholarship, and the Creative Arts Committee

CALS Committee Members Term
Stephen Keller, PBIO 2017-2020


University Student Affairs Committees

CALS Committee Members Term
Tao Sun, CDAE 2018-2020


Diversity Curriculum Review Committee

CALS Committee Members Term  
Tao Sun, CDAE 2017-2020


Graduate College Executive Committee

CALS Committee Members Term
Feng-Qi Zhao 2018-2021


Honors College Council

CALS Committee Members Term
Jana Kraft 2017-2020


CALS Department Representatives to Faculty Senate

CALS Committee Members Term
Jenny Wilkinson, ASCI 2018-2021
Dan Tobin, CDAE 2018-2020
Josef Gorres, PSS 2018-2019
Lizzy Pope, NFS 2018-2021
Brian Beckage, PBIO 2016-2019
Sean Diehl, MMG 2018-2019
Chris Callahan, Extension 2017-2020


Sustainability Curriculum Review Committee (SCRC)

CALS Committee Members Term
Chris Koliba 2018-2021