• (left to right) Mike Austin, director of systems architecture; UVM president Suresh Garimella; Richard Galbraith, UVm VP of Research; DeepGreen machine and hardware

    UVM Completes Warp-Speed Upgrade of Supercomputer

    DeepGreen, our new cluster, can achieve speeds of over 1 petaflop, or one thousand million million computations per second, the equivalent of 20,000 laptop computers working in tandem.

  • James Bagrow, Ph.D., and an image of a social network

    Data for Good

    UVM researchers use the Vermont Advanced Computing Core (VACC) in a wide range of experimentation, from chemical modeling to cognition study to social network analysis.

    Read More in UVM Inquiry 2018 (PDF)

  • Paul Hines and Jeff Frolik

    Reliable Renewables

    A team of UVM researchers want to balance supply and demand in the nation’s electrical grid, one packet of energy at a time.

    Read More in UVM Inquiry 2017 (PDF)

  • Kristen Pierce, M.D., Beth Kirkpatrick, M.D., Caroline Lyon, M.D., M.P.H

    Our Best Shot

    UVM's Vaccine Testing Center researchers work with scientists across the UVM campus to leverage their creative thinking and best new technologies into combatting global infectious diseases.

    Read More in UVM Inquiry 2017 (PDF)

  • Displaying their satellite is UVM mechanical engineering professor Darren Hitt (right) and Ryan McDevitt (left), his former doctoral student.

    Sparking Success

    New knowledge is applied beyond the campus with SPARK-VT, transforming ideas into viable commercial entities.

    Read More in UVM Inquiry 2017 (PDF)

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