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Our graduate programs offer opportunities to pursue specialized study under the tutelage of a widely-published research scientist in a department full of seasoned scholars. The department funds nine graduate fellowships each year(actual number of available fellowships will vary); individual faculty may also fund additional graduate students through grants.

We offer two Master degree programs; an M.S. in Nutrition and Food Sciences and an M.S. in Dietetics, as well as a multi-disciplinary PhD in Food Systems.

Master of Science Degree in Nutrition and Food Sciences (M.S. NFS)

Faculty research encompasses both basic and applied aspects of human nutrition and food science. Current studies focus on Web-based interactive multimedia tools for teaching and research, Internet-based weight management programs, milk chemistry, cheese technology and food microbiology.

Since our faculty members` research interests are diverse, prospective graduate students should visit our faculty info page to review their research interests and contact individual faculty members for information about ongoing research projects and fellowship/assistantship opportunities.

Deadline for the M.S. in NFS applications: Feb 15th with decisions made in March.

  • Graduate student applicants must have an NFS department faculty member willing to serve as their graduate advisor prior to applying and in order to be accepted into the program.

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Master of Science Degree in Dietetics (MSD)

The Master of Science in Dietetics (MSD) Program in the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences at the University of Vermont is a 30-hour graduate credit degree that prepares students for professional practice as a registered dietitian/nutritionist (RD/N).  The program includes didactic coursework and supervised practice culminating in eligibility to write the exam for registered dietitian/nutritionists.

Deadline for the MSD applications: Feb 1st with acceptance notification by March 15th.

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PhD in Food Systems

The Food Systems Graduate program offers a transdisciplinary, cohort educational model. The PhD in Food Systems combines a comprehensive investigation of food systems and a commitment to developing methods for solving the current problems of the food system. Career paths in food systems are varied and can include work in advocacy and policy, entrepreneurship, community development, education, agriculture, food distribution, cooking, writing, and marketing.

Deadline for the PhD in Food Systems applications: January 1st.

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  • Andrea Etter with graduate student and backyard chickens

    Salmonella enterica in backyard chicken is one area of research in Andrea Etter's lab.

    Assistant Professor Andrea Etter's research projects include:

    • Understanding how common Salmonella enterica is in backyard laying hens and hatchling chicks and what owners know about S. enterica, good husbandry practices, and good egg handling and sanitation practices
    • Understanding whether isolate stress tolerance is a key contributing factor to foodborne outbreaks of S. enterica
    • Determining the contribution of sanitizer tolerance and biofilm formation capability to colonization Listeria monocytogenes colonization of Vermont dairies
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Frequently asked questions:

What is the application deadline?

M.S. in NFS:

  • Deadline: Feb 15th, for students seeking funding (assistantships, fellowships), with decisions made by March 15th.
  • Applications from students not seeking funding are accepted on a rolling basis.

M.S. in Dietetics:

  • Deadline: Feb 1st
  • Acceptance notification March 15th

PhD in Food Systems:

  • Deadline: January 1st

Who do I contact for more information?

For general inquiries about the M.S. in NFS degree program:

For specific information about joining a graduate research program:

  • contact the faculty member whose graduate research team you are interested in joining

For inquiries about the Master in Dietetics degree program:

For inquiries about the PhD in Food Systems degree program:

Where do M.S. in Nutrition and Food Sciences graduates find employment?

Some of the places our M.S in NFS graduates have found positions:

  • PhD student at UC Davis
  • Extension Educator, Louisiana State University
  • Research Assistant, Vermont Lung Center
  • Health Analyst, Vermont Department of Health
  • Extension EFNEP Coordinator, University of Vermont
  • Product Development Scientist, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
  • Diabetes Educator

Where do MSD graduates find employment?

Some of the places our MSd graduates have found positions:

  • Eating Well Media Group, Charlotte, VT, Digital Meal Plan Editor
  • Georgetown Public Schools, MA, Food Service Director
  • University of Vermont Dining Services/Sodexho, Campus Dietitian
  • Ogden-Weber Community Action, Salt Lake City, UT, Nutrition Supervisor for Head Start
  • United States Navy, San Diego CA, Clinical Dietitian
  • Brown University, Providence, RI, Administrative Dietitian
  • Balance Eating Disorder Treatment Center, Mahwah, NJ, Eating Disorder Specialist
  • St. John's Medical Center, Jackson, WY, Clinical and Wellness Dietetian
  • Vermont Department of Health, Public Health Nutritionist
  • Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, Hanover, NH, Oncology Dietetian
  • Southern Maine Health Centers, Nutrition Support Dietitian
  • Fueling Fitness, Burlington, VT, Owner/Nutrition Entrepreneur