• Agroecology in Action

    Undergraduate students gain meaningful research and outreach experience through Agroecology Extension Summer Research Fellowship. Read more >>

  • Fueling Olympians

    Read how sports dietitian Hannah Feinberg '17 is helping athletes optimize their performance through what they eat.

  • Securing Clean Water for All

    Asim Zia receives Fulbright Global Scholar Award to achieve access to clean water through community-based solutions and international diplomacy. Read more >>

  • Improving Livelihoods for Coffee Farmers

    Read how a team of UVM researchers are working to ensure a sustainable future for specialty coffee, and the farmers who produce it.

Our science is grounded in humanity.

UVM The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences offers dynamic programs in the life and social sciences, with a focus on nutrition and food science, human and animal health, communication, entrepreneurship, sustainable and resilient communities, and the complex web of food systems. Explore our diverse portfolio of majors: Biochemistry, Community and International Development, Plant and Animal Sciences, Biology, Food Systems, Public Communication, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics to name a few.

Our rich array of internships and research experiences empowers students to become doers. We challenge students to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation, imparting the knowledge, skills, and values to become the next generation of informed citizens, thinkers and leaders. Our sciences are grounded in humanity for students who want to make a difference in the world.

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