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An NFS Minor complements majors such as Animal Science, Athletic Training, Community Entrepreneurship, Environmental Science, Exercise and Movement Science and Nursing to name a few.

So many careers and lifestyles pair well with the Nutrition and Food Sciences Minor. Whether you want to launch your own food business or diversified farm, become a cheesemonger, make your mark as a science or food journalist, put your activism to work for a non-profit or many more livlihoods an NFS Minor will serve you well and give you credit for courses you naturally gravitate toward. Work closely with your advisor to make best use of your courseload.

Minor in Nutrition and Food Sciences Requirements:

 A total of fifteen credit hours in Nutrition and Food Sciences Courses:

  • 6 credits consisting of NFS 043, and NFS 053 or NFS 072
  • 3 credits in either NFS 143 or NFS 153
  • 6 credits of NFS courses numbered at or above the 100 level. Independent study, field experience and undergraduate research cannot be counted in this total.

* Food Systems Majors: the 15 credits for an NFS Minor must be beyond your major degree requirements (no "double-dipping")

The NFS courses that are offered to UVM students for the minor include:

  • NFS 043: Fundamentals of Nutrition
  • NFS 053: Basic Concepts of Food
  • NFS 072: Kitchen Science
  • NFS 113: US Food Policy and Politics
  • NFS 114: Human Health in the Food System
  • NFS 143: Nutrition in the Life Cycle
  • NFS 153: Principles of Food Technology
  • NFS 163: Sports Nutrition
  • NFS 195: Principles of Cheesemaking
  • NFS 203: Food Microbiology
  • NFS 205: Functional Foods:Principles and Technology
  • NFS 223: Nutrition Education and Counseling
  • NFS 244: Nutrition in Health and Disease Prevention
  • NFS 245: Nutrition for Global Health
  • NFS 250: Foodservice Systems Management
  • NFS 253: Food Safety and Regulation
  • NFS 254: Global Food Safety
  • NFS 260: Diet and Disease
  • NFS 262: Community Nutrition
  • NFS 283: HAACP: Theory and Application

*some courses listed above may have additional pre-requisites that need to be met before taking them

How to Declare a Minor in Nutrition and Food Sciences:

  • Student interested in adding the NFS Minor need to fill out the online request form found on the Registrar's website.


Questions and advising assistance regarding a Minor in Nutrition and Food Sciences should be directed to:
  Amy Nickerson, MS, RDN, the faculty advisor for a Minor in NFS.


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