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Forms students need to change their major, add a minor, etc. are found on this page.

Checklist of Required NFS Concentration Courses:

Use this form to keep track of courses you have taken and monitor what you still need to take.

Change of Major Form:

To transfer into the NFS Dept you need to have completed NFS 043 and Chem 023 or 031 and received a C or better, and have a GPA of 2.00 or above. You may request your major be changed at any time of the year, as long as the these requirements are met.

Once these courses have been completed you may request to have your major changed.  The request is done by:

  • Requesting the change electronically by filling out the form on the Registrar's page found here.



Declare your NFS Concentration:

Student's generally declare their concentration toward the end of their sophmore year or in their junior year. Your faculty advisor can help you with deciding which concentration best fits your choosen career path.

The form to declare your NFS concentration is on the Registrar's Page here.

Declaration of Minor Form:

To declare your minor the request is done electronically by filling out the Declare your Minor form on the Registrar's page found here. If you are a current student, you can both declare and/or request changes to your minor with this form.

In the NFS Dept, Dr. Todd Pritchard is the faculty advisor for an NFS Minor.  For more information please visit our NFS Minor page.

You may request that changes be made at any time.

CALS Exception Form:

Course substitutions, waivers, reduced credits, etc. are completed with consultation with your academic advisor. Your academic advisor fills out a form for thses changes.

Instructor Permission (add, drop, override):

You may add/drop a course on your own within 5 days once the semester begins. After the first 5 days and up until 10 days you will need instructor permission to add/drop. After the add/drop period Dean's Office approval is needed.

You may be prevented from enrolling in certain courses due to a failure to meet prerequisites, overlapping course times, or course capacity limits. In order to enroll in these courses you must obtain instructor permission. An instructor can either grant you an override online or this form can be completed and brought to the Student Service Center.


Course Withdrawls:

After the Add/Drop period you are not eligible to drop a course. Instead, if you no longer wish to be enrolled in a course, you will need to withdraw.