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Each year NFS faculty choose outstanding students in the department to be recipients of the department's awards. Students receive their awards at a luncheon in April attended by department faculty and the award recipients.

  • NFS Department Awards

    Department awards were handed out on May 5th with a reception in the John Dewey Lounge in the Old Mill.

    Award recipients Dahlia Rosen and Hallie Shi with Dr. Todd Pritchard, Dr. Andrea Etter, Dr. Beth Bradley and Dr. Laura Almstead.

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This award is given in honor of Professor Agnes T. Powell, Professor Emeriti in Nutritional Sciences.  It is presented annually to the graduating senior(s) majoring in Dietetics who have demonstrated qualities indicating outstanding professional promise and potential.

  • 2023 Recipients: Elizabeth Barton and Greta Smith

Bertha Terrill Award

This award was created as a tribute to Miss Bertha M. Terrill and her 31 years of service at UVM.  Bertha Terrill is remembered as the founding Chair of the Dept of Home Economics, the first Dean of Women and the first woman Full Professor at UVM.  The purpose of this award is to acknowledge students who show special academic promise and achievement with the following guidelines:

  • 1.The recipient shall be a resident of the State of Vermont
  • 2.The recipient shall have a Junior , or preferably, a Senior Class standing
  • 3.The recipient shall be studying some aspect of home economics
  • 4.The recipient shall have an academic average of 3.0 or above for the preceding academic year
  • 5.The recipient shall be helping to pay educational expenses through self earnings
  • 6.The recipient shall be participating in two or more campus activities

In addition to the above criteria, the following preference shall be met whenever possible in selecting recipients for this award:

Preference shall be given to female students

  • 2023 Recipients: Sydney Klugo

Blair Williams Award

This award is given in honor of Professor Emeriti Blair Williams, former Chairperson of Home Economics and the Human Nutrition and Foods Program.  Professor Williams was noted for her high professional standards, her broad range of interest in the area of human nutrition and foods and her deep concern for people.  The award is presented annually to the graduating senior who best exemplifies these qualities.

  • 2023 Recipients: Ashleigh Angle

Nutrition and Food Sciences Faculty Award

This award is presented annually by the Department Faculty, to the graduating senior with the highest scholastic grade point average in recognition of their continuous academic excellence and outstanding professional potential.

  • 2023 Recipients: Hannah Craybas and Zoe Dumais

Nutrition and Food Sciences Research Award

This award is presented to the graduating senior(s) who has excelled in undergraduate research while maintaining high academic standards and has demonstrated outstanding potential for a career in either basic or applied research in Nutrition and Food Sciences.

  • 2023 Recipient: Ashleigh Angle

Outstanding Dietetics Student Award

This award is presented by the American Dietetics Association.  It’s purpose is to recognize the emerging leadership and achievement of students in Association Accredited Dietetics Education programs and encourage their participation in the American Dietetics Association.  Leadership and professional potential are assessed through honors, student dietetic association activities and community service activities.

  • 2023 Recipients: undergraduate: Elizabeth Barton and graduate: Ryer Leveille

Reuben and Rose Mattus Scholarship Award

This award, given in the name of Rueben and Rose Mattus, founders of the Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream Company, is presented to the Nutrition and Food Sciences Major who demonstrates interest and enthusiasm for the study of food sciences, either in new product development or the improvement of existing products.
To encourage and help support undergraduate or graduate students at the University of Vermont enrolled in a degree program in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences or the Graduate College with a preference given to students conducting research on ice cream or ice cream related products and the development and/or marketing of these products. This award has gone to students whose studies have involved dairy foods research of one sort or another including research on cheese, yogurt and frozen yogurt products.

  • 2023 Undergraduate Student Recipient: Dahlia Rosen
  • 2023 Graduate Recipient: Hallie Shi

The Cornelia Wheeler Irish Memorial Scholarship Award

This scholarship was established in the memory of Mrs. Cornelia Wheeler Irish, UVM class of 1918, who taught in a one room school house and was a devoted wife and mother as well as a dedicated church and community leader.  This award is presented annually in the Fall Semester to a student majoring in Dietetics or Nutrition and Food Sciences whose continuous academic excellence, financial need and demonstrated potential for success in a career in human nutrition has distinguished him or her from their peers.

  • 2023 Recipient: Skye Bundt