Become a Gund Affiliate.

Gund Affiliates are individuals interested in participating in Institute activities and whose scholarship aligns with its mission. 

There are two types of Affiliates: UVM Affiliates from schools and colleges across UVM, and Global Affiliates from organizations anywhere in the world.

Affiliates are appointed to 3-year renewable terms and are typically less deeply engaged with the Institute than Fellows. They are eligible for a subset of benefits and bear fewer responsibilities. Some benefits and responsibilities only apply to Affiliates employed by UVM. 

Meet Our Affiliates

Nomination Process

  • Gund Affiliates can be based at UVM or any other institution in the world.
  • Nominations for new Affiliates are emailed to the Director from current Fellows, Steering Committee members, or the nominee. The Director emails and invites the nominee to apply.
  • UVM Affiliates must have a primary appointment as faculty at the University of Vermont and hold the highest degree in their respective field. Global Affiliates must hold the highest degree in their respective field or have the equivalent in professional experience. Decisions are based on relevance of research interests and potential to contribute to collaborative scholarship at the Institute.
  • Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis by the Director, who makes the final decisions. Affiliates can be reappointed every three years if they continue to fulfill listed responsibilities.


  • Participate in collaborative research efforts among Gund Community members.
  • Can serve as co-advisor for Gund-funded PhD students and postdocs (UVM).
  • Access to communications support (e.g., media outreach when appropriate, training).
  • Access to funds for hosting visiting scholars and workshops (UVM).
  • Access to Gund workshops and seminars.
  • Access to facilities and resources of Farrell Hall.
  • Short-term workspace when on campus.


  • Collaborate regularly with Gund Fellows on transdisciplinary research.
  • Participate regularly in Gund seminars and events (UVM).
  • Support graduate education (e.g., guest lecturing, informal mentoring).
  • Communicate Gund affiliation in websites, emails, publications, social media. Acknowledge Gund financial support in all resulting publications.

Nomination Dates

Affiliates are accepted on a rolling deadline.