Taylor H. Ricketts, Director

Environmental issues will define this century.

Supporting the needs of humanity without destroying nature is our generation’s grand challenge – one facing leaders in Vermont, across the United States, and worldwide.

These challenges are complex and span disciplines. Addressing them requires tighter collaboration within universities, as well as stronger partnerships between scholars and leaders in government, business, education, and civil society. That’s what the Gund Institute does.

As UVM’s university-wide environment institute, we are building on UVM’s longstanding environmental leadership, and leveraging our deep bench of sustainability scholars, to make UVM one of the country’s most rewarding and exciting places to understand and address the global environmental challenges we face.

Taylor H. Ricketts, Director
Gund Institute for Environment
The University of Vermont

Gund family portrait

A Message From the Gund Family

“From the physical beauty of campus to the surrounding mountains, streams and lakes, the University of Vermont is the perfect place for an environmental center of excellence." 

“Our greatest chance for a sustainable future is to bring together world-class scholars, students and practitioners to develop lasting solutions, as integrated as the challenges themselves. That’s the new Gund Institute for Environment.”

Thanks to the Gund Family Challenge, there’s never been a better time to donate to the Gund Institute for Environment.

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